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Inviting Participation in 91st Expo Riva Schuh Garda Fair, Italy January 12-15, 2019

No: CLE/EXH/Garda-January2019                                                  September 27, 2018

All Members

Council for Leather Exports

Dear Member,

Inviting Participation in 91st Expo Riva Schuh Garda Fair, Italy January 12-15, 2019 from Existing & New Participants – Deadline October 10, 2018

About the Market

The Expo Riva Schuh Fair held in Garda Italy is the most important and well-attended Footwear fair in the EU. Italy and other European countries are a major destination for Indian footwear exports. Italy’s import of leather & leather products has increased from US $ 10619 million in the year 2013 to US $ 10336.02 million in the year 2017, declining at a CAGR of -0.67%.    Out of the total import value of US$ 10336.02 million in the year 2017, import of footwear (both leather and non-leather) alone was US$ 5256.36 million, followed by finished leather (US $ 2347.00 million), leather goods (US$ 1550.25 million), footwear components (US$  924.53 million) and leather garments (US$ 218.58 million).

On the other hand, India’s export of leather and leather products to Italy has also increased from US$ 515.60 million in the year 2013-14 to US$ 389.07 million in the year 2017-18, declining at a CAGR of -6.80%.  Major item of export from India to Italy during the year 2016-17 was Finished Leather, with a value of US$ 117.52 million, followed by Footwear (US$ 122.10 million), Leather Goods (US$ 79.35 million), Leather Garments (US$ 51.48 million) and Footwear Components (US$ 11.41 million).  India accounts for a share of approx 3.76% in the total import of leather and leather products by Italy.

About the Fair

As members would be kindly aware, the Expo Riva Schuh Garda Fair held bi-annually in Garda, Italy is a very popular international footwear fair in which a substantial number of Indian companies participate. Although the Fair is located in Italy, buyers from all-over the EU and from other countries across the world including Russia, USA etc visit this Fair. The CLE has been organizing Group Participation of Members in this fair for many years. Since June 2012 the CLE Participation has been in the dedicated Hall A3 and additional booths in the Hall B4.

Call for Participation & Participation Fee

This Circular is inviting participation in the January 2019 Edition of the Expo Riva Schuh Fair from both existing participants and new member companies wishing to participate in the Fair. Only member-companies who participated in the previous June 2018 will be considered as ”Existing/Old Participants’. Existing member-participants have the option to take either  Bare Space or a fully built up Stand. New companies will be allotted Built Up Stands only. Existing/Old Participants are entitled to their old Booths in the old location. The allotment of Booths to New Companies is subject to availability.

The MAIS Grant-Subsidized Participation Fee as also the Participation Fee for members who are not eligible for MAIS Grant, has been given for both options i.e. Bare Space & Built-up Stand. It may be noted that MAIS-Grant Subsidized Fee can be availed only by those member-companies who have not completed  three participations at the Subsidized Fee in the Expo Riva Schuh Garda Fair. Such eligible companies should not have availed MAIS Subsidized Fee already for 2 Events  in this financial year ie for events during April-Dec 2018.

It may be noted that the first preference for space allotment in the CLE pavilion in Hall A3 in the June 2018 edition of the Fair will be for existing participants. A deadline of October 10, 2018 has been fixed for CLE Member companies to confirm.

Existing participants are requested to kindly confirm their interest in participating in the coming edition of the Expo Riva Schuh Garda Fair January 12-15, 2019by taking Built-up Stands(provided by CLE) OR by taking Bare Space.

Existing Participants who are interested to participate in the Expo Riva Schuh Fair, Garda January 2019 are requested to send the attached filled-in Application Form along with 100% of the Participation Fee positively by October 10, 2018.

IMPORTANT- As per the existing guidelines of the Organizers, VISA Invitation Letters for Participants will be issued by the Fair Organizer, only after receipt of full payment for space taken by CLE.

Also, the fair organizer has introduced from the June 2018 edition, a charge of Euro 30 per person as Visa Invitation Issue Charges. To facilitate our member companies participation, the Council has decided not to collect any additional charge for the Visa Fee for upto Two representatives Per Participating Company (i.e Two Invitation Letters per Company would be issued free of cost). If there are more than two person from the same company requiring a Visa Invitation Letter from the Fair Organizer, they have to pay equivalent of Euro 30 (INR 2,500/- per person) as visa invitation charges. This may be paid along with the participation charges to the nearest CLE Regional /Extn Office.

Hence towards facilitating timely obtaining of Visas by All Participants, Council seeks the co-operation of members to confirm their participation by remitting the Full Participation to CLE latest by October 10, 2018

For Members Eligible to claim MAIS Grant

In order to support member manufacturers/exporters of footwear, who are predominantly from the SME sector, to take part in this specialized fair for Footwear in Europe, the Council had approached the Dept of Commerce to provide necessary funding support to organize participation in Expo Riva Schuh Garda Fair, January 2019 under the Market Access Initiative Scheme (MAIS).  The Council’s proposal for facilitation of members’ participation in Expo Riva Schuh Fair , Italy January 2019 edition with funding under MAI scheme has been approved subject to the participation of at least 40 MAI Grant-eligible Members in the CLE Pavilion in the 91st Expo Riva Schuh Garda Fair

It may be noted that the MAI Guidelines stipulate that MAI assistance would be given for only up to 3 participations in a Fair. Hence Participating Companies which have already availed this facility 3 times in the past, will NOT be eligible to avail MAIS Grant and hence the subsidized Participation Cost. The Council is organizing participation under MAI funding since the June 2015 edition.

Subsidized Participation Fee due to MAI Funding of Govt. of India – The Cost of fully  Built-up Stand in the January 2019 edition of the Expo Riva Schuh Garda Fair works out to Rs 24,570 per sq m or Rs 2,94,840 for a 12 sq m Built-up Booth.  However, as the January 2019 edition of the Expo Riva Schuh Garda Fair is being organized under funding support from the Market Access Initiative Scheme (MAIS) of the Govt. of India, the subsidized Participation Fee is Rs.1,26,000/ (Rupees One Lakh Twenty Thousand only)- for a 12 sq meter Fully Built Up Stand and Subsidized Participation fee Rs.1,00,800/- for 12 sq m of Bare Space. A marginal increase in space cost is mainly due to declining rupee value against the euro currency recently.

MAI Subsidized Participation Fee  for a Fully Built up Stand/ Bare Space for Eligible Companies is given in below Table:


Fully Built-Up Stand –Rs 10,500/- per sq. Mt upto 12 Sq.Mt and Rs.24,570 per for additional area Raw Space –Rs 8,400/- per sq.Mt upto 12 and Rs.13,390 per for additional area


Unsubsidized Participation Fee– Member-companies who have completed their participation under MAI funding more than three times (from June 2015) but   would like to participate are hereby requested to remit the Unsubsidized Participation charges as per the details given below:


(a) Built-Up Stand -Rs.24,570/ per sq.Mt (b) Bare Space Rs.15,390/- per sq.Mt


Regarding MAI Support, Members may also kindly note the following:

  • Support under MAI scheme is admissible only for a 12 sq mtr booth to ensure equal availing of assistance under this scheme by more participants. Hence no additional booth for group companies will be allotted. For MAI-eligible participants, the Participation Charges in the Expo Riva Fair has been initially fixed at 1,26,000/- for a 12 Sq m built up booth subject to the final cost of participation.
  • In case additional booth is required for companies in the same group, the same will be allotted at the actual cost based on various payments made towards Space cost, Registration fee, other charges payable to Fair organizer including stand construction charges and other organizing expenses. (In other words participation cost will be without funding support under MAI scheme).
  • Similarly, members wanting to have more than 12 sq mtr space will be required to pay additional space and construction cost which will be without funding support of MAI scheme. This will again be based on actual payments made. .According to the estimates, the Space Cost and Stand Construction Cost per works out to 24,570/-. Hence, Participants who desire to have more than 12 space have to remit the above mentioned Participation Charges for 12 sq m booth and Rs.24,570/- per for additional space.
  • The funding pattern under the MAI scheme is mainly to encourage the small and new company’s participation in this well-attended fair.

New ParticipantsMembers who are interested to participate in the Expo Riva Schuh Fair, Garda January 2019 as ‘New Participants’ are requested to send the attached filled-in Application Form along with the  Participation Fee in Full, for a Fully Built-up minimum-sized Stand of 12 sq mt before October 10, 2018.  Also, New Participants may note that the allotment of Booths is subject to availability.

Members may also note that participants will have to arrange the Visa to Italy on their own.  However, CLE will arrange for the Invitation Letters (two Invitation Letters per Participating Company will be issued without additional charges from CLE. For more than two Letters, there will be charges of Euro 30 (INR 2500/- per person). Member-Participants, who require visa invitation letter from the fair organizer, may please send the passport details in the suggested format given in the application on or before October 10,2018. Kindly note that non-issuance of Visa will not be considered a valid ground for withdrawal subsequent to confirmation of participation. Hence, withdrawal from participation after confirmation will not be allowed.

With Best Regards

Yours Sincerely


R.Selvam, IAS

Executive Director

Copy To: All CLE Regional & Extension Offices