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No:CLE/Exhibition/MAIS/Uzbekistan/2016 February 22, 2016


All Members of the Council

Dear Members,

Sub: Inviting Participation in the 6th International Fair for Shoes, Leat
her, Clothes and Accessories, Tashkent , Uzbekistan, May 18-20, 2016 with Special package


Uzbekistan is the most populous of all Central Asian republics. Uzbekistan is one of the resource-rich Central Asian countries, being the world’s 5th largest cotton producer, 7th largest gold producer and besides the country has substantial hydrocarbon resources. Being a resource-rich popular country in Central Asia, Uzbekistan offers good potential for leather Products like Footwear, Garments, Gloves and other accessories.

According to the Association leather and shoe industry of Uzbekistan (www.uzcharm.uz), “the 6th International Exhibition for Leather, Shoes, Clothing and Accessories, May 18 to 20 – 2016, Tashkent is a unique business event oriented on the wholesalers, retailers, agents and producers of Central Asia.” The Association also states that “On home markets there is rich source of raw materials for tannery production, big amount cheap skilled labor and energy resource, besides there is developed bank and legal sphere to activity. The key to developing export sales into this largest consumer market in Central Asia is to find the right local partners, who are financially strong, politically well connected and can use their local knowledge to ensure your success.”

About the Uzbkistan Market:

Uzbekistan is the 108th largest export economy in the world and the 90th most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI). In 2013, Uzbekistan exported $5.86B and imported $12B, resulting in a negative trade balance of $6.15B. In 2013 the GDP of Uzbekistan was $56.8B and its GDP per capita was $5.17k.

India ’s export of leather & leather products to Uzbekistan has increased from US$ 0.21 mn in 2009-10 to US$ 0.38 mn in 2014-15, growing at a CAGR of 12.59%. Major items of export to Uzbekistan from India during 2014-15 were Non Leather Footwear, Leather Goods, Leather Garments and Leather Footwear.


1. Finished products

– Shoes made of leather and iminated leather:

– Home shoes and shoes for rest:

– Rubber, milled and special orthopedic shoes:

– Prospective collection of designer shoes:

– Clothes made of leather cotton, wool and silk (socking)

– Products of leather, textile, fur and astrakhan:

– Leather goods (handbags, belts, bags, gloves gift and Jewellery

– Hosiery:

– Leather and articles thereof

2. components and Accessories

– All types of Dues, adhesives, chemicals, etc

– Raw materials for product of footwear, apparels and accessories

– Funds for footwear, leather goods and textile, fur and astrakhan

3. Equipment and technology for the production of footwear, leather goods, clothing and accessories

Visitor’s to the Exhibition:- Producers, consumers, individuals and entitles interested in getting acquainted with the innovations of the world of shoes and clothing made of leather, textile, fur and astrakhan. Foreign enterprises from 9 Countries: India, China, Turkey, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Russian Federation, Iran Greece, Check Republic regularly visit this fair.

Special Booth Package for CLE Member companies

Rs. 50,000/- for 9 Sq.Mt Stand under MAI


Special offer given by the fair organizer with Hotel Stay in 4* Hotel Uzbekistan Per company if exhibitors take 18 sq.mt stand
The Council will provide the 9 sq.mt built up booth (shell scheme) which includes 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 waste basket, 2 Spot-Lamps, An electric source, Fascia Sign, Carpeting of the stand area, Information about the participants in the catalog, Two Badges. Tentative Participation Fee is Rs. 50,000/- (Subsidized cost) per 9 sq m built up booth If exhibitors takes 18 sq.Mt stand the fair organizer will provide free accommodation in single room for 3 days/2 nights in a 4* hotel Uzbekistan per company if confirmation of participation with payment before the deadline date of March 15, 2016. The cost of 18 sq.Mt built up stand would be about Rs.1,50,000/- (9 sq.Mt subsidized cost included)

Participating member companies may order for additional furniture if required not exceeding USD 100 per company. (Extra chair 4 USD, Extra Spot Lamps 5 USD, Shelves Cost (Wooden/Glass Shelves) 10 USD, Hanging Rods with “S” hooks (10 hooks) 10 USD and wire mesh 4 USD.

Council’s participation in 6th International Fair, Shoes, Leather, Clothes, and Accessories from May 18-18, 2016 under MAIS

Considering the potential of Uzbekistan and neighbouring CIS Countries for leather products, the Council is considering organizing member- participation in the subject Fair under MAIS funding scheme for the year 2016-17.

I request all Member Exporters to consider participating in this important Shoes, Leather, Clothes and Accessories fair in Uzbekistan for exploring the possibilities of enhancing export of leather products to Uzbekistan with its advantageous geographical proximity and other conductive factors.

Interested Members may confirm their participation by sending the filled-in Application Form along with the Participation Fee of Rs.50,000/- per 9 sq.Mt or Rs.1,50,000/- for 18 Sq.Mt stand with hotel package through a Cheque /DD drawn in favour of Council for Leather Exports at the earliest to enable us finalize the list of participants and undertake all the required logistic arrangements in advance. This may be sent to either the Council’s Head Office in Chennai Or Regional Offices at Delhi , Kanpur , Mumbai , Kolkata & Agra on or before 15th March 2016.

With Regards,

R Ramesh Kumar
Executive Director

Ciruclar for 6th International Fair Leather, Footwear, Clothing and Accessories Uzbekistan, Tashkent during May 18-20, 2016 under MAIS funding

Application form for 6th International Fair Leather, Footwear, Clothing and Accessories Uzbekistan, Tashkent during May 18-20, 2016 under MAIS funding