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Animal Quarantine Clearance for Import of Finished and Crust Leather into India

May 18, 2018

Members of the Council

Sub : Import of Finished and Crust Leather into India

Dear Member

This is to inform you that Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Govt. of India has issued an Office Memorandum recently regarding animal quarantine clearance for import of finished and crust leathers into India. This Office Memorandum states the following.

a)      Only 0.5% samples of finished and crusted leather to be drawn by Customs on random basis in a month from the consignments of tariff lines identified as finished and crust leather and sent to the Animal Quarantine and Certification Station (AQCS).

b)     The consignments to be cleared on the SWIFT (online) system based on the documents (Bill of Entry and accompanied Health Certificate uploaded in the SWIFT system) without referring the same to the AQCS in person.

Members may note the above and check with respective Animal Quarantine and Certification Station (AQCS) on the documents to be scanned and submitted online while filing Bill of Entry.

Thanks and regards

R. Selvam IAS
Executive Director, CLE