Circular : HRD Scheme of IFLADP 2017-2020 – Data on Training Requirements of the industry

No CLE-HO / IFLADP / HRD / 2018-19

18th May 2018

To: Members of the Council
Dear Sirs,

Sub:     HRD Scheme of IFLADP 2017-2020 – Data on Training Requirements of the industry

As you are aware, one of the sub-schemes of the IFLADP 2017-2020 is HRD Scheme, under which the following trainings are permissible for funding support:

  • · Placement linked primary skill development training for new manpower. This training is undertaken by FDDI.
  •    Skill upgradation training for existing workforce in the shop floor, which is demand driven according to the needs of the industrial unit. This training will be undertaken by training institutions to be selected /approved by DIPP.

To strengthen the HRD interventions, the DIPP has now desired the CLE to collect the training requirements for both new manpower as well as for skill upgradation for their existing workforce.

Members are requested to kindly inform the CLE on their requirements of new manpower for their units as per Format in Annexure I, and requirements for training of their existing employees as per Format in Annexure II. 

The above inputs would be shared with the DIPP, Government of India for assessing the demand of the industry, and hence, members are requested to provide accurate details to the extent possible. The inputs as per Formats may be scanned/attached and send by Email to This can be followed by hard copy submission by courier.

The inputs may be sent to CLE on or before 31.05.2018.

With warm regards,

R. Selvam, IAS

Executive Director