Customs Circular No. 55/2020 dated 17.12.2020 – Issue of Import Certificate

January 15, 2021

Members of the Council,

Sub : Customs Circular No. 55/2020 dated 17.12.2020 – Issue of Import Certificate

Dear Sir,

We would like to inform you that as per Customs Circular No.55/2020 dated 17.12.2020, (copy enclosed), the supporting document to justify claim of duty exemption notification has to be mandatorily required to be uploaded in e-Sanchit while filing Bill of Entry with effect from 15.1.2021 .

CLE is issuing Import Certificate (ICs) to eligible member exporters for import of notified inputs as per Serial Nos. 288, 311 & 312 of Customs Notification No.50/2017 dated 30.6.17.

In view of the aforementioned Customs Circular No.55/2020 dated 17.12.2020, the DRN/IRN No. of the Import Certificate obtained from ICEGATE has to be uploaded by the importer while filing Bill of Entry. Hence, w.e.f. Jan. 15, 2021, the Import Certificate will be issued by CLE on the basis of the following.

–         Submission of application form online . In the online application, instead of the Bill of Entry No. and Date, the Invoice No. and date have to be given in the respective columns. The link for online IC submission is given below.

The online application form for applying IC is also available at the CLE website under the heading SCHEMES – DFIS – APPLY FOR IMPORT CERTIFICATE

–         Along with the application, members have to upload the Check List Bill of Entry copy also.

–         In the Annexure of the Import Certificate in Page 2, the Invoice No. and Date will be mentioned instead of the bill of entry number and date.

–         All members should submit copies of all bills of entry which have been assessed by Customs to CLE for which ICs have been issued by CLE. Such BE copies in respect of ICs issued should be submitted within 7 days through email/courier/in-person, for verification of the Customs assessed value of the imported consignment

Kindly note the above changes .

Thanks & regards,

Executive Director