DLS Scheme-Partial Disbursement cases-Units to approach SIDBI.

IDLS Scheme – Approved Cases – Beneficiary Units to approach SIDBI Branch for Documentations & Lodging of claims

No. CLE-HO / ILDP / IDLS / XI Plan / 2013-14
March 12, 2014


135 cases of XI Plan involving partial disbursements

33 cases of XII Plan, involving partial disbursements

Dear Sirs,

Sub: IDLS Scheme – Partial Disbursement cases – Units to approach SIDBI

This is to inform you that in the 35th meeting of the Steering Committee under Indian Leather Development Programme (ILDP) held on 4th March 2014 under the chairmanship of Joint Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, the following approved cases of IDLS Scheme was taken up for review:

135 cases of XI Five Year Plan period 2007-2012, involving partial disbursements, which were approved in the 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 22nd, & 23rd meetings of the Steering Committee held between 16.09.2008 to 21.12.2011.
33 cases of XII Five year Plan period 2012-17, involving partial disbursements, which were approved in the 25th meeting of the Steering Committee held on 25.08.2012

As you are aware, under the previous XI Plan guidelines of the IDLS Scheme, grant above Rs.25 Lakhs were released in 4 equal annual installments. This stipulation of releasing the approved grant in installments has been withdrawn in the XII Plan guidelines of the IDLS Scheme. As a result, the sanctioned grant will be released as one single payment during XII Plan. In this background, the following are decisions recorded in the 35th meeting of the Steering Committee held on 4th March 2014:

d) 135 partially disbursed cases of XI Plan should be examined on priority for disbursal of balance amounts in one-go as the provision of release of assistance to units above Rs.25 Lakhs in four installments has been revised in the IDLS Scheme approved for continuation during XII Plan.

e) Similarly, the 33 cases of XII Plan should be examined on priority for disbursal of balance amounts in one-go.

f) Time limit of 6 months has been given for completion of entire disbursement process, failing which these cases would be treated as closed.

The Steering Committee has advised the SIDBI to process the claims of beneficiary units pertaining to the above mentioned partially disbursed cases for release of balance amounts in one-go and send fund request to the DIPP accordingly. In this regard, SIDBI Head Office, Lucknow was advised to send internal instructions to their Branches for lodging of claims for the balance amounts in one-go.

In this background, we would like to inform that your case is appearing in the above Lists, as per case details mentioned below. You are requested to immediately approach SIDBI, and submit documentations to claim the outstanding balance installments / amounts.

You may regularly give your feedback of actions taken by your unit to the CLE, as per the Feedback Format attached herewith. Since the CLE is the ‘Facilitation Agency’ for the IDLS Scheme, you may keep the CLE informed by way of marking copies of your correspondences with SIDBI, DIPP and PIUs. This will enable us to know the current status of your case, and also we can guide and coordinate in the matter. Besides, you may attend the Open House Meetings held every Wednesday at the CLE Office, with copies of your case documents and update the current status till receipt of grant.

In view of specific deadline stipulated by the Steering Committee for completing the disbursement process, you may give top priority to this matter, and approach SIDBI to stake claim for balance amounts of your case in one-go. The CLE would strongly suggest that you may approach SIDBI as early as possible, within two weeks time,and submit documents with SIDBI.

With warm regards,
Yours sincerely,

R. Ramesh Kumar
Executive Director
Council for Leather Exports

Encl: Region-wise List of 135 cases of XI Plan, and 33 cases of XII Plan

For case details, concerned units may refer to the individual circular sent to them by the CLE or approach nearest CLE Office at Chennai, New Delhi, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Agra and Jalandhar