June 26, 2018

Members of the Council

Sub : Electronic sealing – Deposit in and removal of goods from customs bonded   warehouses.

Dear Sir,

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has issued a Customs Circular No.19/2018-Customs dated 18th June 2018 regarding Electronic sealing – Deposit in and removal of goods from customs bonded warehouses. This circular states the following.

1.      Customs prescribe the use of “RFID tamper proof one-time-bolt seal” and providing of readers / procedure for its use by Customs. It has now been decided by the Board that RFID sealing shall be extended to transport of goods for deposit in a warehouse as well as removal therefrom. Therefore, where ever the Warehousing Regulations prescribe affixing of a “One Time Lock”, the importer or owner of the goods shall use RFID anti-tamper one-time-locks (hereinafter referred as “RFID OTL”).

2.      The RFID OTLs shall be sourced from the vendors whose names appear in the list placed on the website of the CBIC (please see weblink alongside to circular 36  &  37 / 2017 on www.cbic.gov.in)

3.      Considering the fact that goods may be removed through a variety of vehicles, different types of RFID OTLs, such as bolt seals (already specified by circular 36/2017-Cus) or wire – cable seal shall be used.

The earlier Customs Circulars No. 26, 36, 37, 41, 44 and 51 issued with regard to implementation of electronic sealing of export containers are enclosed herewith for reference of members. For availing e-sealing facility, members have to apply to the respective jurisdicational Customs offices. A copy of Facility Circular issued by Chennai Customs on the subject is also enclosed for reference.

Members may kindly note the above.

Thanks & Regards,

R. Selvam
Executive Director