IDLS Scheme – Online filing of Applications in the CLE Website

June 17, 2009
No.CLE / ILDP / IDLS /2009-10

Members of the Council,

Dear Members,

Sub: IDLS Scheme – Online filing of Applications in the CLE Website

This is further to CLE letter of even number dated May 26, 2009 through which Brochure on the IDLS scheme was circulated to members of the Council.

As one of the Information Technology initiatives of the Council, a facility has now been created in the CLE website to enable the members to submit application under the IDLS scheme online. For this purpose, Application Form IDLS-I has been hosted in the website. A Note on the procedures to be followed by the applicant for online submission (User Manual) is attached herewith for your guidance and future reference.

Members may kindly note the above, and file applications online in the CLE website.

The facility of online submission has been created basically to let members immediately inform the Council of their Application. The online submission has to be necessarily followed by hard copy submission of the Application with signature and company seal alongwith all required supporting documents to the concerned Regional Office of the CLE. The Council will forward the Application to the CLRI or FDDI, only after receipt of hard copy Application and all the supporting documents.

We once again request the members to utilize the opportunity provided by the Government of India and avail the assistance under the IDLS scheme towards technology up-gradation, modernization of production units as well as expansion of production capacities.

For any clarifications, please feel free to contact the CLE Offices.

With warm regards,

Ali Ahmed Khan
Executive Director