IFLADP 2017-2020 extended till March 2021 – Industry may submit applications under IDLS Scheme and take part in training activities under HRD Scheme

10th March 2020

To: Members of the Council

Dear Sirs,

Sub: IFLADP 2017-2020 extended till March 2021 – Industry may submit applications under IDLS Scheme and take part in training activities under HRD Scheme

We invite your kind reference to the CLE Circular dated 21.02.2020 in which we have updated about the extension of Indian Footwear, Leather & Accessories Development Programme (IFLADP) 2017-2020 by one more year till March 2021 or till the date the recommendations of 15th Finance Commission comes into effect, whichever is earlier.

The Council has earlier taken series of actions at various levels to request the Government of India for extending the IFLADP by one more year with basic objective to ensure that the allotted budgetary outlay for the IFLADP could be utilized by the industry and achieving the intended objectives. Now that the industry’s request for extension has been considered by the Govt of India, it is incumbent upon the industry to apply and get benefited out of the sub-schemes.

One of the most important schemes which are directly connected with manufacturing units is IDLS Scheme, which provides investment grant for undertaking modernization, technology upgradation and capacity expansion in the sector. The approved outlay for IDLS Scheme is Rs.425 Crores, and till date, 259 applications have been approved by the competent authority involving total project investments of Rs.447.12 crores and grant amount approved is Rs.117.37 Crores. Another 291 applications involving total project investments of Rs.480.65 Crores are currently under various stages of processing at PIUs, and rough calculation of grant on these will be around approx Rs.127.24 Crores. As such, fund utilization till date is expected to be around Rs.244.61 Crores as against the outlay of Rs.425 Crores. Thus for fuller utilization, industry has to submit henceforth applications as per scheme guidelines and procedures, for combined total project investments of around Rs.600 Crores.

The Council hereby requests and calls upon the industry members to submit their applications in the online portal of IDLS Scheme which can be assessed from the home page of CLE Website www.leatherindia.org. For any clarifications and guidance, members may contact the CLE office for assistance and also make it convenient to attend the Open House Meetings being held every Wednesday at 10.30am at CLE offices in Chennai, New Delhi, Kanpur, Agra, Kolkata, Mumbai & Jalandhar.

Please note that in respect of IDLS Scheme, you may arrange to submit the applications in the online portal at the earliest possible, without any delay on ‘sooner the better’ principle.

HRD Scheme is another important scheme under which Government training institutions namely, Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI), Central Footwear Training Institute (CFTI), Webcon Consulting India Pvt Ltd are undertaking primary skill development training to the new manpower and their subsequent placement for gainful employment in the manufacturing units. Similarly for the skill upgradation of the existing workforce, the training is being provided by CFTI (also by FDDI for FY 2020-21). The industry units may have to take advantage of the training being undertaken by these institutions and avail the benefit of the HRD scheme.

Interested members may approach anyone of these institutions and take part in the HRD scheme. In case of any guidance and support, please do contact the CLE offices for assistance.

With warm regards,

Executive Director