Inviting Member Participation in the BISS 2015 – Busan International Footwear & Textile Fashion Fair- BIFOT (NOVEMBER 3(Thu) -5 (Sat,) 2016 under MDA for 10 eligible member companies.

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No: CLE/EXH/BISS/Nov/2016
September 19, 2016

All Members of the Council
Dear Member,

Inviting Member Participation in the BISS 2015 – Busan International Footwear & Textile Fashion Fair- BIFOT (NOVEMBER 3(Thu) -5 (Sat,) 2016 under MDA for 10 eligible member companies.

About the South Korea Market:

South Korea is a potential market for leather & leather products. South Korea’s import of leather & leather products increased from US$ 2211.28 million in 2010 to US $ 3958.18 million in 2014, growing at a CAGR of 15.67%.

India’s export of leather & leather products to South Korea has increased from US$ 31.31 million in 2010 to US $ 82.39 million in 2015 growing at a CAGR of 21.35%.

India and the Republic of South Korea have signed a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) which has come into force from 1st January, 2010. Under the CEPA, Korea has a very low import duty structure for India for items under Chapter 42 (Leather Goods & Leather Garments) and Chapter 64 (Footwear). As against general Import Duty levels in the range of 8% for Leather Goods and 13% for Footwear the Import Duty for Leather Goods from India is 1% and for Footwear it is 1.6%. This significant duty preference in South Korea for leather products & footwear from India, presents a tremendous opportunity for leather sector exporters of India.

About the Busan International Shoe Show (BISS) , Nov 3-5, 2016

The Council is planning to participate in the BISS 2016 (Busan International Shoe Show) for the first time. BISS (Busan International Shoe Show) is the International Shoe Trade Show in Korea and Busan is called the Shoe City of Korea. Shoe Industry was traditionally the “symbol” of Busan since 1931 and enjoyed peak time with shoe exports totaling $4.30 billion in 1990, as a shoe export hub. Today Busan also plays an important role in core shoe materials/components, R&D, Footwear Standardizations systems, footwear manpower, training and global footwear networking project sectors in the years to come.

In the last edition of the BISS in 2015, there were about 270 exhibitors who had taken 750 booths. Of this 680 booths were taken by the domestic Korean companies and 70 booths were taken by overseas companies

Display Products:-

The list of Display Products in the BISS Exhibition as given by the Fair Organizer

Display Items 
FootwearToning, Sports, Outdoor, Walking, Smart, Medical, Safety, Fashion, etc
Parts & AccessoriesLeather, Textile, Synthetic, Parts & Accessories, Components etc
OthersBooks, Software, Sports & Leisure Goods, Associations etc

Council’s Participation in the Busan International SHOE SHOW (BISS 2016) (November 3-5, 2016) :-

Considering the market opportunities in South Korea, the Council is proposing to organize Group Participation with at least 10-12 Members in the upcoming 2015 edition of the BISS fair to be held during November 5-7, 2015; It may kindly be noted that the Council will participate in the Fair subject to the enlistment of at least 10 Companies.

Tentative Participation Fee:

Tentative participation Cost works out to Rs.1,25,000/- for a minimum-sized 9 sq mt booth. The Built-Up Stand includes Carpet, Table, Chairs, spot lights, electric power supply and electric outlet, shelves / wire mesh, fascia, Common Interpreter & Water bottles.

Assistance to Exporters under MDA Scheme : The Council has got approval from the DOC for 10 exhibitors only with the total MDA grant reimbursement to individual exporters is Rs.12 lakhs. Each exhibiting company will be given a MDA grant reimbursement of Rs.1.20 lakhs (maximum which includes space and air fare in economy class) . Members participating in this fair (whose export turnover during 2015-16 is less than Rs. 30 Crores) are eligible to claim MDA Grant of maximum of Rs. 1,20,000/- as reimbursement on Economy Excursion Class Air Fare and Space Rent, subject to fulfillment of other MDA eligibility criteria as per Revised MDA norms. For detailed MDA Guidelines, members may refer the MDA section in the website of the Council . The MDA intimation application should be received by the Council by giving minimum 14 days Advance Notice excluding date of Receipt of application in the Council and Date of Departure from the Country. It may be noted that MDA Grant will be given only if CLE organizes group participation in the Fair, with the mandated number of at least 10 companies.

Interested Members are requested to kindly send the duly filled-in Application Form (attached) along with the Participation Charges of Rs.1,25,000/- by Cheque/DD drawn in favor of Council for Leather Exports. This may be sent to either Council’s Head Office in Chennai or Regional Offices at Delhi, Kanpur, Mumbai, Kolkata & Agra on or before 23rd September 2016.

It may be also be noted that participants will have to arrange the Visa to Republic of Korea on their own. However, CLE will arrange for the Invitation Letter from the Fair Organizer, to facilitate obtaining of visas by participants. Kindly note that non-issuance of Visa will not be considered as a valid ground for withdrawal subsequent to confirmation of participation. Hence, withdrawal from participation after confirmation will not be allowed.

With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,
R.Ramesh Kumar, I.A.S
Executive Director