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No: CLE/EXH/FW-Tokyo/2019                                        30th July, 2019


All Members
Council for Leather Exports

Dear Members

Sub:  Fashion World Tokyo, October 02-04, 2019, Tokyo-Japan, for Footwear, Leather Goods/Accessories & Garments.

We would like to inform that Council for Leather Exports (CLE) is organizing group participation of members in the Fashion World Tokyo Fair, Tokyo, Japan to be held during October 2-4, 2019 with the funding support of Government of India under Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme.

The product profile and visitor’s profile of the Fashion World Tokyo, are given below:-

Exhibitor Profile Business Meetings Visitor Profile
Women’s wear
Women’s Bags
Women’s shoes
Women’s Accessories
Men’s Fashion Wear
Men’s fashion Accessories
OEM/Sourcing etc
Find Distributors/Agents
Take Orders
Design consultation
Price Negotiation
Department Store
Fashion Store
Specialty Boutique
Mass Retailers
Online Store
Gift Shops

In the last edition of the Fashion world Tokyo, March 2019 there were exhibitors from 31 countries from Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Canada, China, France, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Vietnam.

Council’s Participation: Considering the potential market for Leather Footwear, Bags, Leather goods and Leather Garments in Japan, the Council proposes to organize participation of member-exporters in Fashion World Tokyo 2019 scheduled during October 02-04, 2019.

Participation Fee (Subsidized):

The Council is charging a subsidized participation fee of Rs 3.50 lakhs per participating company.  Each company will be provided with a standard 8.1 built up booth. The ‘Standard Package’ includes; Back & Side Walls, 1 Meeting tables & 4 Chairs, Carpet, fascia, 4 spot lights, 1 Electric outlet and power supply up to 1 KW, 12 Shelves OR hangers Rack with Fixed Hanger Rod.

Any additional accessories required will be charged separately.

Un-Subsidized Participation Fee

As per MAI guidelines, Members who have completed/applied for participation in any two MAI events during 2019-20 (April-March) and/or completed 3 times participation in the Fashion World Tokyo, Japan (with MAI funding support) are not covered under Subsidized Rate and have to remit an un-subsidized fee of Rs 5.00 lakhs /- as participation fee, for a 8.1 sqm stand.

Participants, those who are interested to take ‘corner booths’ are required to pay an additional amount of Rs. 14,500/- over and above the aforesaid participation fee.

Please also note participants will have to arrange the Visa on their own. However, CLE will arrange for the invitation letter from the fair organizer to facilitate obtaining of visas by participants. Kindly note that non-issuance of Visa will not be considered as a valid ground for withdrawal subsequent to confirmation of participation. Hence, withdrawal from participation after confirmation will not be allowed.

MAI Air Fare Reimbursement:

Members who are eligible to participate at the MAIS- Subsidized Participation Fee are eligible to claim Airfare Reimbursement subject to the Airfare Funding Approval by the Government for 2019-20 and compliance of the following Conditions:-

a. 14 Days Advance notice- excluding date of travel & receipt of application date.
b. FOB Value in the preceding year between Rs 3 lakhs to  Rs.30 Crores
c. Completed 12 months of membership
d. Person attending the fair – Regular Director / Partner / Proprietor
e. Restricted to Three times grant received under MDA/MAIS       
f. Claims with Original Boarding Pass

The MAIS Intimation Application is enclosed herewith, which should be received by the Council by giving minimum 14 days Advance Notice excluding Date of Receipt of Application in the Council and Date of Departure from the country.  The same will be considered subject to the Airfare Funding Approval by the Government for 2019-20 and compliance of the above Six Conditions.

Interested Members are requested to send the duly filled application form (enclosed) along with the full participation fee as mentioned above through a Cheque/DD drawn in favour of COUNCIL FOR LEATHER EXPORTS on or before Monday, the 12th August, 2019 to either Council’s Head Office in Chennai or Regional Offices at Delhi, Kanpur, Mumbai, Kolkata & Agra. Participants can also remit participation fee to CLE’s bank account, as per details given below:-

Beneficiary Name – Council for Leather Exports
Bank    –    Canara Bank
Branch   – Park Town Branch, Chennai 3
IFS Code – CNRB0000976
SB Account –  0976101016996

Participation will be confirmed on ‘first-come-first served’ basis based on receipt of payment in full by CLE.

With best regards,

R Selvam, IAS
Executive Director

Council for Leather Exports

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MAI Airfare Reimbursement Intimation Application Form