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March 9, 2015

Members of the Council

Sub: Inspection of leathers – Procedure to be followed in providing information to CLRI

Dear Member

As you are kindly aware, the DGFT issued Public Notice No.23 (RE-2013)/2009-14 dated 13.8.2013 stating that export of finished leather, wet blue and EI tanned leather shall be subject to the following procedure.

i. Export of Finished Leather, Wet Blue and EI Tanned Leather shall be permitted through the Sea Ports of Chennai, Mumbai (JNPT) & Kolkata and ICDs Kanpur & Tughlakabad or any other port/ICDs to be notified by DGFT from time to time.

ii. Officials of Central Leather Research Institute(CLRI) posted at the above Sea ports/ICDs would draw the sample of finished leather/Wet Blue/EI Tanned Leather from the export consignment, wherever required, in the presence of Customs Officials. Such samples will be tested and certified by CLRI or such other approved labs which may be notified from time to time, testing as per the finished leather norms notified vide Public Notice No. 21/2009-14 dated 01.12.2009.

Subsequently, Public Notice No. 24(RE-2013)/2009-14 dated 05.09.2013 had permitted export of finished leather, Wet Blue and EI Tanned Leather through all Airports in addition to the Ports notified on 13.08.2013.

Thereafter, the DGFT issued a Public Notice No. 38 (RE-2013) / 2009-14 dated 20 November, 2013 stating that , in addition to ports/ICDs indicated above, export of finished leather, Wet Blue and EI Tanned Leather would also be permitted through ICDs/CFSs as identified/notified by the Customs at Chennai, Mumbai & Kolkata. Procedure for drawal of samples and its testing notified in Public Notice No. 23 dated 13.08.2013 would continue.

With regard to inspection of leathers, the concerned Customs have also issued detailed facility circulars outlining the procedures involved in drawal of samples and certification. Copies of the Facility Circulars issued by the customs in Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai are enclosed herewith for your ready reference.

Recently a meeting of Core Committee of CLE was held in New Delhi on March 4, 2015 wherein Senior Scientist from CLRI made a detailed presentation on inspection of leather. During this presentation, CLRI pointed the following descripiences.

a. The Custom House Agents (CHAs) are not giving proper details including shipping bill number, product description etc in the Test Memo. It may be mentioned that as per Facility Circulars issued by Customs, a Test Memo as per format notified by the Customs is required to be prepared in Triplicate while drawal of samples by CLRI The first copy of the text memo shall be retained by CLRI along with samples, while the second Test Memo is to be handed over to the exporter/representative.

b. The details of payment made for testing and certification of leather is not properly mentioned in the test memo. It may be mentioned that the Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI) is accepting payments towards testing charges, certification fee etc. through SBI COLLECT facility provided by State Bank of India. Hence CLRI had earlier requested all the exporters to make payment for testing and certification of finished leathers, wet blue and E.I Tanned leather through “State Bank Collect” and produce printed copy of the e-receipt to enable CLRI to release certificates. These details have already been circulated by CLE to members. Step by step procedure for making payment is attached herewith for reference.

Members are hence requested to advise their CHAs to provide exact shipping bill numbers, product description and payment details in the test memo to enable CLRI to complete the process of certification in the quickest possible time.

Members may note the above

With regards

R. Ramesh Kumar
Executive Director

DGFT public notice no. 23 of 2013|| DGFT public notice no. 24 of 2013.doc|| DGFT public notice no. 38 of 2013.doc|| CLRI payment – step-by-step-sbi-colllect|| Chennai|| Mumbai|| PN-36-13 – Kolkata||

PN-43-13 – Kolkata