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25th January 2021


Msg for: Shri Israr Ahmed Mecca, Regional Chairman (South), Council for Leather Exports, Chennai


Dear Sir,




LERIG 2021: Invitation, Programme & Zoom link


We are writing this email on behalf of Dr KJ Sreeram, Director, CSIR-CLRI cordially inviting you and your members to LERIG 2021.

Sir, the countdown to 54th Leather Research-Industry Get-Together 2021 has begun.

The Programme is finalized and this would not have been possible without your kind support and co-operation. A copy of the ‘final programme’ is appended please.

The CLE has been very magnanimous in providing us with the ZOOM link for the event on Thursday, 28th January 2021; 10.45 am to 1.30 pm. (Zoom link is appended please)

Sir, we learn that there are multiple events on that day and hence we desire to start on time and finish on time.


INVITATION to your Members

May we please take this opportunity to humbly request you to kindly invite your Members to participate in LERIG 2021 and let us together make LERIG 2021 fruitful and meaningful to our fraternity.

Thanking you once again for your unstinted support and kind co-operation.


Warm regards,


Md Sadiq & Team

Design & Fashion Studio, CSIR-CLRI

Programme | Zoom Link