Check List -List of Documents required for submitting the Application Form


List of Documents required for submitting the Application Form

IDLS Application Form – IDLS 1

Declaration as stated in the Application Form, duly supported by an Affidavit on Rs.10/- stamp paper attested by Notary. Declaration Text enclosed.

PAN Card copy

Brief profile of the company with audited Balance Sheets for the last 3 years (with Schedules)

Entrepreneurs Memorandum for Micro, Small or Medium Enterprises – issued by Department of Industries & Commerce (DIC) – Copy of Acknowledgement
Part II.

Company Incorporation Certificate, if applicable

Partnership Deed, if applicable

Details of the machines and equipment (make, technical specifications, capacity, accessories etc) in the form of self-certified copies of – Purchase Order, Delivery Note and Invoice.

Statement of indigenous machinery
(As per Format)

Statement of imported machinery (As per Format)

Existing facilities (factory addresses, list of existing machinery etc), and planned modernization.

Incremental benefits after modernization

Certified IDLS Form II – if already financial appraisal has been carried out.

For new unit – Registration with Industries Department, certificate from Chartered Engineer that Plant & Building are ready – Building completion certificate, and NOC from statutory body like pollution control Board, Sales Tax / VAT registration certificate,

Copy of Letter of Application to Bank (if applicable)

Copy of Sanction Letter from Bank (if applicable)

Registered Lease Deed for 5 years (in case of rented premises)

Check List for Technical Appraisal (Required for all applications of leather products segments, except for Tanneries)

Utilization Certificate for the previous grants sanctioned and received, is required while submitting add-on applications ( Details and Formats enclosed)

Certificate from Department of Industries of State Government /State Pollution Control Board regarding compliance of environmentally sound waste water management by the application unit (Certificate of current validity from State PCB / Department of Industries indicating that the unit is in compliance with environmentally sound management practices with respect to the treatment and disposal of waste water).

Self Certificate in the Letter Head of the Company that machinery applied is only for new machines, and second hand / reconditioned machines are not included in the application. (As per Format)

Submission of Application: Total 4 copies are to be submitted
(1 Original + 3 copies = Total 4 sets)


One covering letter to the FDDI, along with Documents as per Check List

One covering letter to the CLE


One covering letter to the CLRI, along with Documents as per Check List

One covering letter to the CLE