Circular – Secondary Skill Upgradation Training for existing workforce under HRD sub-scheme of IFLADP 2017-2020 – Implementation Agencies approved by Government of India

No. CLE-HO/ IFLADP / HRD / 2017-2020
28th June, 2018

To:All Members of the CLE

Dear Sirs,

Sub:   Secondary Skill Upgradation Training for existing workforce under HRD sub-scheme of IFLADP 2017-2020 – Implementation Agencies approved by Government of India

As you are aware, one of the sub-schemes of the Indian Footwear, Leather & Accessories Development programme (IFLADP) is Human Resource Development (HRD) Scheme. One of the component of the HRD is to upgrade the skills of the existing workforce which would lead to improvement in production as well as quality and to expose the workers to better manufacturing processes etc. The Secondary Skill upgradation would cover skill upgradation training of existing employees at the shop-floor operations in both organized and unorganized sector of the footwear, leather & accessories industry and would also include on-site training. The training duration should be at least for 2 weeks. The funding support under HRD Scheme would be limited to Rs.5,000/- per trainee or as per actuals whichever is less, and the remaining expenses will be taken care of by the concerned industry.

In this context, Department of Industrial Policy & promotion, Government of India has approved the allotment of Secondary Skill upgradation training of existing workforce to the following 3 agencies and assigned targets to them for conducting the training as per the requirements of the industry. The details are as under:


S.No Name of the organization Contact Details Targets for the year 2018-19 – Number of workforce to be trained Target for the year 2019-20 – Number of workforce to be trained
1 Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology (GCELT), Kolkata 10,000 10,000
2 Central Footwear Training Institute (CFTI), Agra 5,000 5,000
3 Central Footwear Training Institute (CFTI), Chennai www.cftichennai.inEmail: 5,000 5,000
Total 20,000 20,000


Members may kindly take note of the above.                                                                  .

Interested units which are in need of skill upgradation training for their existing workforce in shopfloor may approach anyone of the above approved agencies and intimate the training requirement for their workforce. A typical format is attached herewith for your guidance.The requirement may be prepared in the letter head of the company along with List of candidates (trainees) and the same may be scanned and send as an email attachment to the DIPP and anyone of the above agencies under copy to CLE.

The CLE would request you to do the needful in the matter and make use of the funding support provided by the Government of India for Human Resources Development (HRD) in the Footwear, Leather & Accessories sectors.

With warm regards,
Yours sincerely,

Executive Director

(Sponsored by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India)

Head Office: Chennai

Tel: +91 44 2859 4367-71 (5 Lines)




(In the Letter Head of the Company)


Information provided to Implementation Agency indicating requirement for secondary skill upgradation training for existing workforce in shopfloor, under HRD scheme



under HRD Scheme of IFLADP 2017-2020

 Submitted to Implementation Agency ……………………………………


Name of the company
Name of the Proprietor / CEO / Director
E mail:
Product Segment:
Number of employees to be trained Enclose: List of employees to be trained
Their existing Job Roles Enclose: Job-role wise List of employees
Type of skill upgradation training to be given (mention details from curriculum perspective)
Location of the Factory in which manpower would be trained 1.


Name of Factory Manager / competent authority:



Mobile Phone:






Name of the Authorised Signatory:




Seal of the company




  1. Please give above details for each product segment you require manpower for.
  2. For different categories of employees, different job roles would be there and also, they may require different skill upgradation trainings in furtherance to their job roles. These may be mentioned suitably, by giving details separately as per format above.
  3. In case several factory locations, please mention details, serial number wise.