Anti Dumping Duty investigation on Zippers and Tapes

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March 15, 2023

Members of the Council.

Dear Sir,

We have received a communication from Department of Commerce, Government of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industry informing the following.

“The Secretariat of Commerce, Ministry of Economy of the Government of Argentina vide their Note No.NO2023-24458527-APN-SSPYGC#MEC dated 6 March 2023 have informed about the request having been received for the initiation of an investigation for alleged dumping in export operations to the Argentine Republic of “Zippers and tapes, with teeth of base metal of nylon or polyester monofilament and injected plastic”, originating in India falling under the MERCOSUR (N.C.M) 9607.11.00, 9607.19.00 and 9607.20.00”

A translated copy of the communication of the Government of Argentina is enclosed herewith.

If any member (i.e. exporter of Zipper to Argentina)  is interested to join this investment by providing data, kindly write to CLE on or before March 17, 2023.

Thanks & regards,

Executive Director