CLE India Pavilion @ Global Village 2019-2020, Dubai (29th October, 2019 to 4th April, 2020)

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15th May, 2019

The Members of CLE

Dear members,

Sub:- CLE India Pavilion @ Global Village 2019-2020, Dubai (29th October, 2019 to 4th April, 2020)

About the Event

Global Village, Dubai is one of the most significant event which gathers participation from all over the world. The Global Village presents cultures of more than 75 countries through 30 country pavilions like Afghanistan, Africa, USA, Bangladesh, Bosnia, China, Egypt, EU Countries, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan etc.   The last Session of the Global Village has started on 30th October, 2018 and ended on 13th April, 2019. The Indian Pavilion in the 2018-19 Session was spread over 11,050 sq. mtrs., making it one of the biggest retail exhibitions outside India, promoting Indian arts, industries, tourism, trade and crafts.   As informed by the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi, Leather Industry from Pakistan, Italy etc. participated in the last Session of the event. The Global Village 2018-19 has attracted over 7 Million visitors with India Pavilion being one of the main attractions at the Session.

‘Global Village Dubai’ 2019-2020 Session, which will commence from 29th October, 2019 to 4th April, 2020 (159 days).

Global Village – Relevance to Footwear and Leather Products Sector:

·         As the event is a “Retail” event, the Artisans/exhibitors selected will be able to transact substantial and profitable business during the event and also could generate export orders and quarries by buyers/visiting public.
·         Currently out of 27 participating countries in Global Village, Pakistan Pavilion is the huge and famous market for the variety of leather products among UAE Nationals & expats, the second participation country is Turkey.
·         Visitors include; tourists from Europe region, who are very keen about the Indian Leather and other leather handicrafts products.
·         UAE nationals are also very interested in Indian Leather handicrafts and accessories especially Horse and Camel Saddles etc. as those are their part of Hobbies.
·         Major Categories of leather Products such as Bags-Ladies/Travel/Fashion, Garments-Jackets/Skirts/Coats, Wallets/Belts/Portfolio/Book Cover/Keychain/Laptop covers, all categories of footwear products etc. can be sell direct to the visiting public and promote Indian Leather industry in India Pavilion.

Considering the importance of the event (for retail sales as well as export orders), CLE is planning to organize group participation of members in the ‘Global Village Dubai’ 2019-2020 Session, which will commence from 29th October, 2019 to 4th April, 2020 (159 days).

Participation charges & Package Offered

·         The Organizer will be providing built up stand of 12 sq.mtrs. size to each participant.
·         Per stall, they will provide general 4 nos. spot lights, 1 nos. Power Socket, 1 nos. Chair, 1 nos. Table and any additional light required by the participant according to their product requirement will be installed free of cost.
·         In order to minimize the cost of participation and also to enable more and more companies to exhibit their products, participants will be allotted the 12 sq.mtrs. booth, on monthly basis (total 5 months), and taking into account the overall expenses, a participation fee of Rs. 3.90 lakhs has been fixed per participant, for One month period (31 days/participant).
·         Per stall the Organizer will be providing the required display accessories free of charge, up to USD 250/- (can be selected by the participants).
·         Warehouse facility will be free of cost.
·         There is a 5% duty payable by the participants at the time of import of goods into Dubai in addition to the Value Added Tax @ 5%.


·         Fair organizers will be offering furnished apartment (Studio Flat) near to venue, on twin sharing basis USD 825/- per month.


·         Per person USD 82/- per month, from Apartment – Global Village – Apartment.

Keeping in view the above, interested members may confirm their participation, by sending the attached application form, duly completed, along with the full participation fee of Rs. 3.90 lakhs to the nearest Regional/Extension Offices of CLE, on or before 29th May, 2019.   We are planning to take a maximum of 8-10 booths in the Global Village, Dubai and month-wise allotment of booths (31 days/participant) will be made, based on the order of receipt of participation fee in the Council. If anyone want to retain the booth for more than one month or even for the entire duration of 5 months period, full participation fee @ Rs. 3.90 lakhs per month may be deposited.

With best regards,

R. Selvam, IAS
Executive Director
Council for Leather Exports

Application Form