CLE participation in the June/July 2021 edition of Expo Riva Schuh Fair, Garda, Italy on Self-Financing basis

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CLE/HO/IMD-F&B/95th Expo Riva/2021                                              16th March, 2021


All Members (Leather & Non-Leather Footwear)

Dear Members,
Sub: Inviting participation in the forthcoming Expo RivaSchuh Garda Fair, Italy, June 13-15, 2021 OR July 18-20, 2021 from Existing and New Participants on ‘Self-Financing’ basis

Members are kindly aware that Council has been organizing group participation of members in the Expo Riva Garda Fair, Italy, regularly.               The next edition of Expo Riva Garda, Italy, will be held during June 13-15, 2021. As informed by the fair organizer, if the event cannot take place in the physical sense (during these dates), due to the ongoing state of the health emergency and/or in the presence of conditions that impede its performance, the Organizer will create a digital edition of Expo Riva Show on the same dates, postponing the physical edition of Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags to July 18-20, 2021.

The fair organizer also informed that it is always possible to choose the hybrid service with which exhibitors will be able to coordinate their participation at a distance, supported by qualified personnel physically present at the fair on their behalf. For more details, members may please login to:

As per past practice, the Council is giving Existing member participants (those who participated in the January, 2020 physical edition of the fair) the option to either take Bare space or a fully built up stand in the upcoming edition (June/July, 2021). New Companies will be allotted Built up Stands only.

It may be noted that the first preference for space allotment in the CLE Pavilion in Hall A3 for the June/July 2021 edition of the fair will be for the companies, who had participated in the January 2020 physical edition.

Participation Fee

Booth Size Raw Space (inclusive of catalogue/participation/SWAP card market place charges @ Euro 300 per company) Fully built-up booth (inclusive of catalogue/ participation/ SWAP card market place charges @ Euro 300 per company)
12 sq mt Rs. 2,16,900/- Rs. 3,39,540/-
18 sq mt Rs. 3,12,000/- Rs. 4,95,960/-
24 sq mt Rs. 4,07,100/- Rs. 6,52,380/-
30 Sq mt Rs. 5,02,200/- Rs. 8,08,800/-
36 Sq mt Rs. 5,97,300/- Rs. 9,65,220/-
  • Please note that the stand sizes are 12 sqm, 18 sqm, 24 sqm, 30 sqm and 36 sqm. (The Swapcard Marketspace: The SWAPCARD app can be activated on both desktops and mobile devices. The app broadens the connection between visitors and exhibitors).


    Members have to arrange Visa to Italy on their own. However, CLE will arrange for the Invitation Letters from the Organizer (2 Invitation Letters per participating company will be issued without any additional charges).   For more than two letters, there will be charges of Euro 30 (Rs. 2,670/- per person), payable to the Fair Organizer.     With regard to issue of visa invitation letters, participants may note the following:-

  • CLE/Fair Organizer will issue visa invitation letter to a maximum of 3 persons per participating company.
  • Representatives of the participating company (other than Directors/Partners/ Proprietor of the firm) has to submit copies of their salary certificate, appointment letter, PF No. etc.) to prove that the applicant is a regular employee of the company.

Please note that non-issuance of Visa or any other reasons will not be considered as a valid ground for withdrawal subsequent to confirmation of participation. Hence, withdrawal from participation after confirmation will not be allowed and payment once deposited to CLE will not be refunded for whatever reasons.

About the Fair

Expo Riva Schuh Garda Fair, Italy is a Footwear Fair held twice in a year in the months of June and January. It is a very popular international footwear fair in which a substantial number of Indian companies participate. Expo Riva Garda Italy, is an important footwear fair wherein the buyers not only from Italy but from all over EU and from other countries including Russia, USA etc visits.

CLE has participated in the last edition (Jan 2021) in the Virtual mode.

Last Date for confirming participation along with Full Participation Fee:

Members interested, both Existing and New participants are requested to confirm their participation (by sending the attached application form), indicating their requirement of space by remitting the full payment to the Council. New participants may note that the allotment of Booths will be subject to availability of space.

CLE will book space in Hall No. A-3 for participation of members in the June/July 2021 edition of the Show strictly on the basis of participation fee to be remitted by the member-participants. After allotting space in Hall No. A-3 for CLE’s participants, the fair organizer will sell the remaining space to the participants from other Countries. Since we may not be able to book the entire space in Hall No. A-3 for the June/July 2021 show, the fair organizer themselves will allot space to the individual companies and in all probability, the positions of the booths of our participants may change.

The fair organizer has given time upto 22nd March, 2021, for confirming our total space requirement.  PARTICIPATION TERMS & CONDITIONS, AS RECEIVED FROM THE FAIR ORGANIZER IS ALSO ATTACHED.

Accordingly, both existing as well as new participants are requested to deposit requisite participation fee (100%) along with filled in application form to the CLE’s Regional/Extension Offices latest by 22nd March, 2021 evening so that CLE can book space in Hall No. A-3 accordingly.

The participation fee, as stipulated above, may be remitted to CLE’s below given bank account and inform us the UTR details latest by 22nd March, 2021.

Beneficiary Name – Council for Leather Exports
Bank    –    Canara Bank
Branch   – Park Town Branch, Chennai 3
IFS Code – CNRB0000976
SB Account –  0976101016996

With best regards,

R. Selvam, IAS
Executive Director
Council for Leather Exports

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