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March 7, 2014

Members of the Council,

Sub : Customs Baggage Declaration Regulations, 2013

Dear Sirs,

The Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India notified the Customs Baggage Declaration Regulations, 2013 vide Customs Notification No.90/2013-Customs (N.T) dated 29th Aug. 2013 which regulates the baggage carried by travelers coming into India from abroad. As per this regulation, passengers who to come to India shall declare their accompanied baggage in Form-I appended to the regulation. Copy of the form-I is enclosed herewith. Subsequently, the Department of Revenue has issued a Corrigendum dated 10th Sept. 2013 notifying the following.

A. Items prohibited for import include:

Maps and literature where Indian external boundaries have been shown incorrectly.
Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.
Goods violating any of the legally enforceable intellectual property rights.
Wild life products.
Counterfeit Currency notes/coin or fake Currency notes.
Specified Live Birds and animals.

B. Customs Duty Free Allowance

Eligible PassengerOrigin CountryDuty Free Allowance
Passengers of Indian origin and foreigners of over 10 years of age residing in IndiaNepal, Bhutan,
Rs. 6,000
Passengers of Indian origin and foreigners
of over 10 years of age residing in India
Other than Nepal, Bhutan,Myanmar, ChinaRs. 35,000
Tourists of foreign originAnywhereGifts and souvenirs worth Rs.8,000
Tourists of foreign originAnywhereGold jewellery:
Gentleman - Rs. 50,000
Lady - Rs.1,00,000
Indian passenger who has been residing abroad for over one yearAnywhereAlcohol liquor or wine: 2 litres
All passengersAnywhereCigarettes: 200 numbers or Cigars upto 50 or Tobacco 250 grams
Passenger of 18 years and aboveAnywhereOne laptop computer (note book computer)
(C) Other Conditions

Customs duty is leviable @ 36.05% (Basic Customs duty @ 35% + Education Cess @3%) on the value of dutiable goods that is in excess of the Duty Free Allowance.

Indian Customs is responsible for protecting the nation against the illegal import of prohibited items. Indian Customs officers have the authority to question you and to examine you and your personal property. If you are one of the passengers selected for questioning / examination, you will be treated in a courteous, professional and dignified manner.

If your baggage is mishandled / lost on arrival, please obtain endorsement of free allowance, if any, from Customs Officer at Mishandled Baggage Counter.

For updated information on items prohibited/restricted for import or in case of any difficulty or complaint, please contact the Customs PRO.

Thereafter the Dept. of Revenue issued a Customs Notification No.10/2014-Customs(N.T) dated 10th Feb. 2014 making some amendments in the aforesaid Form-1 . The modifications made are indicated in the enclosed form-I.

The Dept. of Revenue has also issued a Customs Circular No.05/2014-Customs dated 27th Feb. 2014 stating the following .

The Customs Baggage Declaration Regulations, 2013 will come into force with effect from 1.03.2014.

b. Under the Customs Baggage Declaration Regulations 2013 all incoming nternational passengers will be required to declare the content of their baggage in the Indian Customs Declarations Form prescribed in the regulation. Therefore the declaration relating to Customs purposes by incoming passengers in arrival card notified by MHA hitherto done by passengers will be dispensed with. In other words, the incoming passengers will have to fill up the form notified under Customs Baggage Declaration Regulations 2013 independent of the form prescribed by the MHA. Ministry of Home Affairs has decided that arrival (disembarkation) card of MHA would be given to foreign nationals only.

C. Directorate of Publicity and Public Relations, New Delhi has been requested to print the Indian Customs Declarations Forms and distribute the same to all Commissioners of Customs having jurisdiction over the airports. The Indian Customs Declarations Forms may also be handed over to concerned airlines for distributing the same among the passengers.

Members may kindly note the above.

Thanks & regards,

R.Ramesh Kumar, IAS
Executive Director

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