e-Facilitation (e-Sewa) Centre for Leather & Footwear Industry in Head Office of the CLE, from 03.04.2023

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No.CLE-HO / e-Sewa Centre / 2022-23
23rd March 2023

To : All Members of the Council

Dear Sirs / Madam,

Sub: Establishment of e-Facilitation (e-Sewa) Centre for Leather & Footwear Industry in Head Office of the CLE, from 03.04.2023

As members are kindly aware, Government of India is giving increasing focus towards Digital India in which all the schemes of GOI /State Governments are operated in the online portals, and it has become mandatory to file the applications in the online mode and the submission of applications in the physical hard copy has been dispensed with. Besides online submission of applications, the Government of India is also processing the schemes till the final sanction of the grant, and its disbursement in the online mode itself in the respective online portals.

For instance, Central Sector Scheme for Leather & Footwear sector namely Indian Footwear & Leather Development Programme (IFLDP) 2021-26 is implemented in the online portal National Single Window System [NSWS]. All the sub-schemes of the IFLDP which includes IDLS Sub-Scheme, Brand Promotion of the Indian Brands sub-scheme etc have to be applied by the interested applicant units only in the NSWS portal. Similarly, International Cooperation [IC] Scheme of the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Govt of India is also implemented in the online portal of the Ministry. The State Governments are also inviting applications for their schemes in the online mode.

Furthermore, the application for new membership and renewal of membership with the CLE is also required to be filed online in the DGFT website, and subsequently in the CLE website.

With a view to facilitate the industry more particularly MSME industries in the leather and footwear sector, the CLE is proposing to set-up an e-Facilitation (e-Sewa) Centre for Leather & Footwear Industry in the CLE Head Office @ Chennai. This centre will be operational from 03.04.2023. The brief details / guidelines of the E-Facilitation (e-Sewa) Centre, the process to be followed in assessing its services, service fee payable by the users, non-conditional clause etc is given in the attached PDF file for your perusal.

The CLE proposes to conduct Webinar on the proposed e-Facilitation (e-Sewa) Centre in the last week of March 2023 in which the CLE would further brief about the process & methodology of the e-Facilitation (e-Sewa) Centre to members to create awareness of the initiative. The date, time and the meeting link of the webinar would be sent in due course by E-mail.

Members may kindly take note of the above one additional initiative of CLE, to provide a digital platform and hand-holding support to the MSME Sector in availing the various schemes of the GOI and State Governments., and for filing the new membership application as well as applications for membership renewal etc.

With warm regards

Executive Director
Council for Leather Exports