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Oct. 14, 2020

Members of the Council

Export Data Processing and Monitoring System (EDPMS) Module for ‘Caution/De-caution Listing of Exporters’ – Review

Dear Member

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Circular No. 414 dated May 26, 2016 outlined the procedure for caution listing of exporters under EDPMS. A copy of the circular is enclosed herewith. This circular stated that exporters would be caution listed if any shipping bill against them remains open (i.e. export realisation details not updated by banks) for more than two years in EDPMS provided no extension is granted by AD Category – I bank / RBI. Date of shipment will be considered for reckoning the realization period.

The RBI has now issued a Circular No. 50 dated Oct. 9, 2020 (copy enclosed) notifying revisions in the procedure for caution listing of exporters. This circular has removed the condition of automatic caution listing of exporters in any shipping bill against them remains open (i.e. without export realization updation) for two years in EDPMS and states that under the revised procedure, an exporter would be caution-listed by the Reserve Bank based on the recommendations of the AD bank concerned, depending upon the exporters track record with the AD bank and investigative agencies. The AD bank would make recommendations in this regard to the Regional Office concerned of the Foreign Exchange Department of the Reserve Bank in case the exporter has come to the adverse notice of the Enforcement Directorate(ED) / Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) / Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) /any such other law enforcement agency and/or the exporter is not traceable and/or is not making sincere efforts to realise the export proceeds. Similarly, the AD bank would also make recommendations to the Regional Office of the Reserve Bank for de-caution-listing an exporter as per the laid down procedure

Members may kindly note the above

Thanks and regards

Selvam IAS
Executive Director