Fairs of Shoes, Lather & Leather Goods, Poznan Fashion Fair, Poland, September 2-4, 2015

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NO.CLE/EX/POZNAN/2015                                                                                                                  May 15, 2015


All Members of the Council

Sub:Inviting member-participation in the Poznan Fashion Fair for Shoes, Leather & Leather Goods, September 2-4, 2015 , Poznan-Poland under MDA.

Though India’s export of leather and leather products to Poland increased from US $ 26.77 million in 2009 to US $ 61.56 million in 2013-14, the share of India remains at 2.23% in the Polish market, and hence there is scope for enhancing our share in this country. Poland has a resilient economy and increasing recognition of its brands.
Keeping the above in view, the Council had in the past organized various export promotion and market development activities in Poland during the period March. 2004 to September 2007 and again in September 2013 & Sep 2014. On the basis of positive feedback received from the exhibitors of Sep 2014 Edition of the Poznan Fair, the Council has proposed to continue with marketing efforts in Poland.

Poznan Fashion Fair

Post Show Report Sep’ 2013 Show: The Sept. 2013edition of the Poznan Fashion Fair of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods witnessed the participation of about 400 exhibitors from 16 countries, in an exhibition area of 6000 sq.mtr. This fair was held simultaneously with the Poznan Fashion Days (for textiles) and Gifts & Ornaments Trade fair and BTS Exhibition of Shoes & Leather Goods were in Hall 5A.

Display Profile:

The display product profile in the Poznan Fair for Shoes, Leather & Leather Goods is as given below:

Footwear Leather GoodsTech Product Group
Women’s Footwear Hand Bags Leathers
Men’s FootwearRucksacksMaterials & Machines
Children’s FootwearSuitcases, Travel BagsShoe Components and Accessories
Teenager’s Footwear Wallets and Purses Purse Makers Accessories
Orthopaedic FootwearBelts, Gloves & Headgears Machines
Protective and working Footwear Leather Garments Materials & Machines

Venue & Date of the of the Fair :

Poznan Fair for Shoes, Leather & Leather Goods will be held in the Poznan International Fairgrounds, Poznan, Poland- during September 2-4, 2015.

Participation Fee:

The estimated Participation Fee for the Sept. 2014 edition of the fair is Rs.9,000/- per sq.mtr. The minimum stall size is 12 sq.mtr and hence the estimated Participation Fee is Rs 1,08,000/-. However, the exact Participation Fee will be worked out after finalization of various arrangements like space booking, stand construction, stand cleaning, stand security and common interpreter etc.,

Booth SizeParticipation Charges
12 Sq.Mt Rs.1,08,000/-
16 Sq.MtRs.1,44,000/-
18 Sq.Mt Rs.1,80,000/-

The Council has included the BTS- Fairs of Shoes, Leather & Leather Goods, September 2014 in the CLE’s MDA Annual Action Plan 2015-16 and submitted the same to the Department of Commerce, for which approval is awaited. In the event of approval being received from the Department of Commerce, members participating in this fair (whose Export Turnover during 2014-15 is more than Rs. 3 lakhs and less than Rs. 30 Crores) will be eligible to claim MDA Grant of a maximum of Rs. 1,00,000/- on Stand Charges subject to fulfillment of other MDA eligibility criteria as per MDA norms. For detailed MDA Guidelines, members may refer the MDA section in the website of the Council www.leatherindia.org . MDA intimation application should be received by the Council by giving minimum 14 days advance notice excluding date of receipt of application in the Council and date of departure from the Country. CLE will participate in the BTS fair only if minimum 10 exhibitors confirm participation.

You may please note all the above, and send your Application Form along with estimated Participation Charges of Rs. 1,08,000/- for a 12 sq m booth to the Council’s Head Office or Regional Offices on or before 20th June 2015.

Submission Of Application

It is necessary for the Council to book space in advance so as to firm-up other arrangements like stand construction, obtaining visa recommendation letters for the participants etc. in time. Hence, members interested to participate in this fair are requested to submit the Application Form along with the full Participation Fee of Rs. 1,08,000/- to the Head Office or Regional Offices of the Council, on or before June 20, 2015 latest, to enable the Council to firm-up booking of space in the fair in advance.

Thanking you,
With Regards

R.Ramesh Kumar, IAS
Executive Director

Circular of Poznan Fashion Fair for Shoes

Application Form of Poznan Fashion Fair for Shoes