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August 18, 2017

Members of the Council

Sub : Filing of GST returns

Dear Member

The Central Board of Excise and Customs , Dept. of Revenue has issued the following notifications specifying the time period for filing of GST returns. The details are given below.

NotificationForFormFiling date
18/2017 CT 8.8.17Jul 2017GSTR -11st Sept - 5th Sept 2017
18/2017 CT 8.8.17Aug 2017GSTR -116th SEPT -20th Sept. 2017
19/2017 CT 8.8.17Jul 2017GSTR -26th Sept - 10th Sept 2017
19/2017 CT 8.8.17Aug 2017GSTR -221st Sept - 25th Sept. 2017
20/2017 CT 8.8.17Jul 2017GSTR -311th Sept-15th Sept. 2017
20/2017 CT 8.8.17Aug 2017GSTR -326th Sept-30th Sept. 2017
21/2017 CT 8.8.17Jul 2017GSTR -3B20th Aug. 2017
21/2017 CT 8.8.17Aug 2017GSTR -3B20th Sept. 2017

Explanatory Notes :


Say for e.g. If a person has entered into a transaction of supply of goods, then there must be someone who would be the recipient of the supply of goods. Supplier of the goods would be originating point of the transaction and he would specify, in his return, details of the supply along with the recipient to whom supply has been effected. The return for the inward supplies of the recipient of the supply would get auto-populated with the details provided by the supplier in his return for the outward supplies. Thus, GSTR-1 becomes the base document upon which the entire compliance structure in GST would be based.


Once the supplier furnishes the details of the supply and recipient in GSTR-1, details would be auto-populated and communicated to the recipient in GSTR-2A. Recipient would confirm the details filled in by the supplier in GSTR-1 and reflected in GSTR-2A. If he agrees with the same, the transaction would be frozen and GSTR-2 would be prepared. However, if the recipient disagrees then recipient would communicate to the supplier about his disagreements which then would be reflected in GSTR-1A to the supplier. Supplier in turn would have the option to modify the details furnished in GSTR-1 as per the request of the recipient auto-populated before him in GSTR-1A or keep the details unchanged.


GSTR-3 would be a consolidated monthly return and will contain details of tax liability along with the tax collected on outward supplies and tax paid on inward supplies by registered person. It would be auto-populated through GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 of the registered person. There would be minimal manual intervention and system itself would be updating records.

GSTR 3 B : This is summary return for the month of July and August 2017

The CBEC has also issued Notification No. 23/2017 dated 17th August 2017 regarding filing of form GSTR 3 B which is also enclosed herewith.

Members may kindly note the above.

Thanks and regards

R. Ramesh Kumar
Executive Director