FOOTWEAR PAVILION @ Fashion Access Fair – Hong Kong, March 14-16, 2018

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No: CLE/EXH/Footwear Fashion Access/March /2018                                       November 23, 2017


All Members

Council for Leather Exports

Dear Sirs,

Sub: Inviting Participation in the FOOTWEAR PAVILION @ Fashion Access Fair – Hong Kong, March 14-16, 2018 under MAI Funding

About the Fair

APLF Ltd organizes two landmark concurrent leather events in Hong Kong during the end of every financial year i.e the APLF- Leather for Raw Materials, Components, Chemicals, Machinery, etc and the Fashion Access fair for Finished Products, dedicated to Bags, Footwear Leather Garments & Fashion Accessories. The March edition of the Fashion Access Fair will show case collections for the upcoming Autumn-Winter season, while the September fair focuses on Spring-Summer offerings.

About the Hong Kong Market & Import Potential:

Hong Kong is the 3rd largest importer of leather & leather products in the world. Hong Kong which has been an important Trading Center for decades, is home to the offices of many international Brands & Buying Offices of large companies, retail chains, Stores etc Hong Kong is becoming a significant market for leather & leather products with its imports increasing from US $ 8007.85 Million in 2009 to US$ 11590.70 Million in 2013, growing at a CAGR of 9.69%.  Hong Kong accounts for a share of around 7% in the global leather import trade of US$ 172.68 bn in 2013.

India – Hong Kong Leather Trade: India’s export of leather & leather products to Hong Kong has increased from US$ 251.54 mn in 2009 to US$ 471.54 mn in 2013, growing at a CAGR of 17.01%. Presently, India accounts for a share of around 4% in Hong Kong’s total leather import trade of US$ 11.59 bn.

Potential for Footwear in HK & China :

Honk Kong’s is a very significant importer of Footwear with Leather Footwear imports at US$ 2166 million and Non Leather Footwear imports at US$ 1071 million in 2016. Hong Kong is the gateway to China- the world’s largest trading economy: and is Mainland China’s most important entry point, handling about one-fifth of China’s foreign trade. China’s import of Footwear has grown from US$ 1053.33 million in 2012 to US$  1315.11 million in 2016. Imports of Non Leather have also seen a sharp rise in the same period from US$ 468.85 million to US$ 1415.48 million in 2016! India’s Share in China’s import of Leather Footwear (2016) was only 2.68% and a mere 0.12% in Non Leather Footwear imports. Hong Kong & China’s combined import of Footwear in 2016 was US$ 6613.04 million and India’s Footwear Export to the two countries totaled only US$ 50.68 million!

Separate CLE India Footwear Pavilion– Considering the huge potential for enhancing our export of Footwear Exports to Hong Kong & the emerging opportunities in China that the Council is organizing a separate Footwear Pavilion with Meetings with Footwear Buyers/Brands to be facilitated by the Fair Organizer, in the Fashion Access Fair March 13-16 as per a customized Proposal with the following elements:

 —The CLE Footwear Pavilion would be positioned on the Concourse and not inside the Exhibition Halls where the Leather Accessories & Leather Garments exhibitors would be.

–    Fully Built Up Stands would be provided with each 9 sq m Stand having 15 shelves, 1 Table, 3 Chairs, 8 Lights, Power socket, Waste Basket, Fascia , Carpet

CLE Meeting Lounge of 32 sq m to facilitate discussions between potential buyers and exhibitors in the India pavilion. The access to this lounge will be restricted to exhibitors in the CLE Footwear pavilion & their customers. Beverage (coffee, water and tea) and Equipment (computer and printer) will be provided.

Online Promotion for CLE Footwear Pavilion

– Pre Fair Promotion by APLF for the CLE Footwear Pavilion in its On Line Showroom

Web Banner and Dedicated Page to promote CLE FW Pavilion and individual exhibitors- Buyers can preview CLE exhibitors’ products and prearrange meeting with CLE exhibitors via before the fair.
–  Promotional E Blast – To promote CLE pavilion to potential buyers. Target Audience: 60,000+

Onsite Promotion of CLE Footwear Pavilion

Dedicated Counter in Fair premises to introduce CLE FW pavilion & match with suppliers.
Directional Signage on Carpet to direct buyers to CLE FW pavilion.
Buyers meeting Sellers at Breakfast Meetings on Fair Days- Open to all CLE Exhibitors in FW Pavilion
Photo Shooting Service -Complimentary Product Photo Shooting service to CLE FW exhibitors  who can subsequently use the professional photo for online promotion /marketing, after the fair, etc.

Participation Costs for CLE Members – In order to support member manufacturers/exporters who are predominantly from the SME sector, the Council had approached the Dept of Commerce to provide necessary funding support to organize participation in Fashion Access Fair, Hong Kong, March 2018 edition under the Market Access Initiative Scheme (MAIS).

The Subsidized Participation Charges for a 9 sq m booth in the Footwear pavilion @ Fashion Access Fair has been initially fixed at Rs.245,000/.

It may be noted that the Council’s Proposal for members’ participation in Fashion Access Fair, Hong Kong March 2018 (Footwear Pavilion) with funding under MAI Scheme has been approved subject to the participation of at least 20 members. The Council is organizing CLE India pavilion at the Fashion Access Fair, Hong kong for the 5th time under MAI funding scheme.

The MAI Guidelines stipulate that MAI assistance would be given for only up to 3 participations in a particular Fair/BSM. Hence member-companies who have completed three participations under MAI funding in the Fashion Access Fair are not eligible to participate at the Subsidized cost of participation. The Participation Charges for an Unsubsidized 9 sq m Booth in the Footwear Pavilion is Rs 395,000/.

Regarding MAI Support, Members may kindly note the following:

  • Support under MAI scheme is admissible only for a 9 sq mtr booth to ensure equal availing of assistance under this scheme by all participants. Hence no additional booth for group companies will be allotted.
  • In case an additional booth is required by the same participant the same group, the same will be considered subject to availability and at the actual cost based on payments made towards Space cost, Registration fee, other charges payable to Fair organizer and other organizing expenses. In other words participation cost will be without funding support under MAI scheme.

Stand Allotments in Fashion Access, Fair – It may kindly be noted that Stands to individual participating companies are allocated by the Fashion Access Fair organizer.

Reimbursement of Economy Excursion class Air Fare by shortest route for MAIS-Eligible Participants Only:

Members participating in this fair (whose Export Turnover during 2016-17 is more than Rs 3 lakhs and less than Rs.30 Crores) and having at least 12-Months continuous Membership with CLE, can claim  Air Fare reimbursement on Economy Excursion Class by the shortest route, subject to fulfillment of other MDA Eligibility Criteria as per MDA Norms. For detailed information members may visit the CLE Website  MDA Intimation Application should be received by the Council by giving minimum 14 days Advance Notice excluding Date of Receipt of Application in the Council and Date of Departure from the country.

Members may also note that participants will have to arrange the air ticket/ Visa to Hong Kong on their own.

It may be noted that a maximum of 20 Companies can be enlisted for the Footwear pavilion @ Fashion Access Fair under the subsidized Participation Fee. Enlistments will be made on first come first served basis as per receipt of payment by CLE.

Member-exporters who are interested to participate in the Footwear Pavilion @ Fashion Access Fair, March 2018 are requested to send the duly filled-in Application Form along with the full Participation Charges by Cheque/DD drawn in favor of Council for Leather Exports.  This may be sent to either the Council’s Head office in Chennai or Regional Offices on or before December 10, 2017.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


R.Ramesh Kumar, IAS

Executive Director