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October 30, 2015
No. CLE/HO/EXH/EA-BWE Award/2015

All Members of the Council

Dear Members,

Sub: Honoring Best Women Entrepreneur

As you are aware every year the Council presents awards for Best Export Performance to members during the Inauguration of India International Leather Fair-Chennai. This year also the Council will be presenting Awards for excellent Export Performance during 2014-15 on the occasion of the Inauguration of 31st Edition of India International Leather Fair (IILF) 2016

Like last year, on this occasion, the Council is considering to present Awards to honour Best Women Entrepreneurs who are actively involved in the export business of value added Leather Products

The detailed criteria for the ‘Best Women Entrepreneur Award’ are given below:

  • A nominee must be active in a profitable business registered and operating in India for three full years as of March 31st 2015
  • At a minimum this business must have three complete 12-month periods of Financial Statements (last three years Financial Statement should be enclosed)
  • The Company represented by the nominee should have minimum 10% growth in exports compared to last year
  • The nominee must own shares of the company, hold the senior executive title and / or be the chief decision maker (Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director / Proprietor / Managing Partner of the Company)
  • She must be responsible for the day-to-day management and the financial bottom line of the Company.
  • Name of the nominee should be available in the CLE Membership Records as Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Proprietor, Managing Partner etc
  • The Export Performance of value-added products should be Rs.5 Crores and above in the year under consideration of the Award. (2014-15)
  • The FOB Value of Exports should be certified by Bankers / Chartered Accountant.

One Woman Entrepreneur in each of the following product categories would be considered for the ‘Best Woman Entrepreneur’ award.

  • Leather Footwear
  • Non Leather Footwear
  • Footwear Components
  • Leather Garments
  • Leather Products & Accessories
  • Industrial Leather Manufactures (Such as Industrial Gloves & Aprons)
  • Fashion Gloves / Sports Gloves
  • Saddlery & Harness
  • Non Leather Saddlery & Harness

The Award for Best Women Entrepreneur will be selected as per the aforesaid criteria. Member exporters are therefore requested to send the enclosed Proforma duly filled-in giving an undertaking about their position in the Company / Firm. The Proforma duly filled in all respect with required Certificate regarding FOB Value of Exports, should reach the Council’s Head Office in Chennai on or before 5th December 2015.

Members may kindly note and do the needful.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

R. Ramesh Kumar
Executive Director.

Applicaiton form for Honouring Best Women Entrepreneur Award Circular for Honouring Best Women Entrepreneur Award