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Indo – Japan Comprehensive Economic Progressive Agreement


February 20, 2014

Members of the Council

Sub : Indo – Japan Comprehensive Economic Progressive Agreement (Indo- Japan CEPA)- Duty concessions for leather sector

Dear Member

As members are aware, Japan is one of the major importers of leather and leather products in the world. As shown in the table below, Japan’s import of leather and leather products has increased from US $ 6282 million in 2007 to US $ 7800 million in 2011.

India’s export of leather and leather products to Japan has shown a net increase in the last five years with exports increasing from US $ 15.94 million in 2007-08 to US $ 38.62 million in 2012-13. As the market share of India in Japan is quite low (0.42%), Japan offers good potential for enhancing our export of value added leather products and footwear.

The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between the Republic of India and Japan was signed and made effect from 1st August 2011. The Indo – Japan CEPA has provided opportunities for the Indian leather sector as Japan has provided duty concessions for many items.

In order to provide comprehensive information on the Indo – Japan CEPA, we have prepared a note which covers the following information.

Position of Japanese Market and Indo – Japan Leather Sector Trade

India’s Import of Raw Hides & Skins and Leather from Japan

India – Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Trade Agreement (CEPA) – Import Duty concessions offered by India and Japan
The aforesaid note is enclosed herewith for ready reference of members.

Thanks and regards

R. Ramesh Kumar

Executive Director