Inspection of Export Consignments of Finished Shipped by Sea

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August 6, 2014.

Members of the Council,

Sub : Inspection of export consignments of leathers

Dear Sir,

As you are kindly aware, Officers of Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI) are collecting samples of leather export consignments of leathers at the following Customs location at Chennai seaport notified by Customs.

Virugambakkam CWC
Triway CFS

We have now received a communication from CLRI informing that CLRI has been sending their officials to CWC Virugambakkam for drawal of samples over and above the schedules days. In view of the number of bills registered at CWC Virugambakkam, the same is to be continued and therefore CLRI would like to reschedule the visits of officials to the Customs Locations in Chennai as detailed below.

MondayCWC Virugambakkam
TuesdayCWC Virugambakkam
WednesdayTriway & Concor
ThursdayCWC Virugambakkam
FridayCWC Virugambakkam
Members may kindly note the above.

Thanks & regards,

R.Ramesh Kumar, IAS
Executive Director