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February 17, 2014

Members of the Council

Sub : Interim Budget 2014-15 – reg

As members are aware, the Hon’ble Union Minister of Finance presented the Vote on Account (Interim Budget) for 2014-15 today.

As far as the leather industry is concerned, the Central Excise duty for machinery and equipments falling under Chapter 84 (including the machinery for preparing, tanning or working hides, skins or leather or for making or repairing footwear or other articles of hides, skins or leather, other than sewing machines falling under tariff no. 8453) has been reduced from 12% to 10%. This reduction will be applicable till June 30, 2014 as notified by Central Excise Notification No. 04/2014 dated 17th February 2014 (copy enclosed).

Members may kindly note the above.

Thanks and regards
R. Ramesh Kumar
Executive Director
Notification No. 04/2014 – Central Excise