Inviting Participation in APLF LEATHER earlier it was known MM&T Fair, March 14-16, 2018 Hong Kong under MAI funding.

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No: CLE/EXH/MMT/Hong Kong/Mar/2018                                                                  November 10, 2017


All Members

Council for Leather Exports


Dear Member,


Sub: Inviting Participation in APLF LEATHER earlier it was known MM&T Fair, March 14-16, 2018 Hong Kong under MAI funding.


About APLF LEATHER – Earlier known as MMT (Materials, Manufacturing & Technology) Fair: The Asia Pacific Leather Fair (APLF) Hong Kong is the most popular leather fair in Asia and Indian Exporters have been participating in this fair for many years since its inception in 1983.


Display Profile : Hides & Skins (Wet Blues); Semi – Finished & Finished Leather; Exotic Leather; Synthetic Materials; Natural Fabrics & Weaves; Components & Accessories; Shoe Components; Process Chemicals & Dyes, Tanning & Shoe Machinery, Equipment & Tools, Technology, Testing Laboratories, Trade Press & Other Services

Venue: Hall 1D, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

Post Show Report of Previous March 29-31, 2017 edition:

The APLF Leather fair was sold out two months before the event took place. The Fair covered an exhibiting area of over 25,000 sq m with 856 exhibiting participating companies. The largest number of exhibitors came from the following countries – China (158), Italy (151), India (66), Pakistan (53), Hong Kong (51), Turkey (50), Brazil (41), France (39), Korea (29), Thailand (25), USA (23) & Germany (22). In all exhibitors were from a total of 46 countries. There were 24 Group Pavilions from 19 countries including Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand etc.

The Display Products covered Hides & Skin, Semi-Finished/Crust Leather, Finished Leather, Bonded Materials, Synthetic/Advanced Functional Materials, Woven & Natural materials, Tanning/ Leather Finishing Machinery & parts, Chemicals & Allied Materials for Tanning, Shoe Components, Machinery, Tool & Supplies, Fashion Hardware & Accessories, Advanced Fashion Technologies and Services.

Visitor’s profile included traders of Hides & Skins, Importers/Distributors, Wholesalers of Leather, Materials & components, Buying office / Sourcing Agents of Leather, Materials & Components, manufacturers with Own Factory of Leather, Materials & Components, Manufacturer with own factory of fashion Accessories, Manufacturers of Car interiors/ Leather furniture, CAD CAM system / Business Solution/ Testing and consulting.

About the Hong Kong Market & Import Potential:

Hong Kong is the 6th largest importer of leather & leather products in the world.  Hong Kong is also a trading centre for leather & leather products.  During 2016, Hong Kong imports of leather and leather products were to the tune of US$ 8453.48 Million.  Hong Kong accounted for a share of around 5% in the global leather import trade of US$ 180.87 billion in 2016.

India – Hong Kong Leather Trade: India’s export of leather & leather products to Hong Kong is to the tune of US$ 266.16 million in 2016-17. Presently, India accounts for a share of only around 4% in Hong Kong’s total leather import trade of US$ 8.45 billion

Council’s participation in the APLF – LEATHER, Hong Kong, March 14 to 16, 2018 under MAI.

The Council has proposed to organize an India Pavilion for Finished Leather, Components & Accessories in the APLF Leather Fair – March 2018 under MAI funding for the first time. The Council is offering Built-up Booths of Minimum Size 9 sq m at subsidized cost, which can be increased further in multiples of 3 Sq Meters, subject to availability


The MAI subsidy is available only for 60 member companies, and will be given to member-companies who confirm their participation with Full Payment, on First Come First Serve basis as per receipt of payment at CLE. Even though the Old / Previous participants are entitled to their location in their previous edition the subsidized Participation Fee will be given subject to receipt of full payment and on first come first serve basis. However, CLE will enlist as many members as possible subject to availability of space; but the MAIS Subsidy as per the Approval of the Dept of Commerce is restricted to 60 Participants. The funding support under the MAI scheme is mainly to encourage the small and new company’s participation in the fair.


Subsidized Participation Fee : The tentative Subsidized Participation Fee fixed for March 2018 edition for built-up booths of Different Sizes & Zones, is as follows:

Zone wise9 Sq.mt12 sq.Mt 15 Sq.mt18 Sq.Mt 21 Sq.mt24 Sq.mt27
Zone A275,000412,400549,800687,200824,600962,0001,099,400
Zone B272,000409,400546,800684,200821,600959,0001,096,400
Zone C260,000397,400534,800672,200809,600947,0001,084,400

 Un-Subsidized Participation Fee : The tentative Un-Subsidized Participation Fee fixed for March 2018 edition for built-up booths of different sizes & zones, is as follows:

Zone wise9 Sq.mt12 sq.Mt15 Sq.mt18 Sq.Mt21 Sq.mt24 Sq.mt27
Zone A392,000521,300650,600779,900909,2001,038,5001,167,800
Zone B389,000518,300647,600776,900906,2001,035,5001,164,800
Zone C377,000506,300635,600764,900894,2001,023,5001,152,800

The Participation Fee has increased slightly compared to last year as the Fair Organizer has increased Cost of Space & also due to variation in exchange rates etc. The fully built-up booth includes Stand Furniture & Display Accessories i.e. Table, Chairs, Carpet, “S” Hooks and Hanging Rods, Fascia and Lighting. The Booth Diagram with inclusion of Display Accessories will be sent to the confirmed exhibitors .

Reimbursement of Economy Excursion class Air Fare by shortest route for MAIS-Eligible Participants Only :

Members participating in this fair (whose Export Turnover during 2016-17 is more than Rs 3 lakhs and less than Rs.30 Crores) and having at least 12-Months continuous Membership with CLE, can claim  Air Fare reimbursement on economy excursion class by the shortest route subject to fulfillment of other MDA Eligibility Criteria as per MDA Norms (one person per company).  MDA Intimation Application should be received by the Council by giving minimum 14 days Advance Notice excluding Date of Receipt of Application in the Council and Date of Departure from the country.

Members may also note that participants will have to arrange the air ticket/ Visa to Hong Kong on their own. 


Submission of Application – Interested member-exporters are requested to send in their Application Form (Pro forma enclosed) along-with cheque /DD towards the adhoc participation charges mentioned above, as per their space requirement. The cheque/DD should be in favour of Council for Leather Exports. This may be sent to the Council’s Head Office in Chennai or Regional Offices in Delhi, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Agra and Jalandhar before 30th November 2017 enabling the Council to confirm the space requirement for the CLE India Pavilion in the APLF LEATHER FAIR MARCH 2018.


With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


R.Ramesh Kumar, IAS

Executive Director

Appication || Circular