Inviting Participation in the 21st China (Wenzhou) International Leather Fair, August 25-27, 2016

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No: CLE/EXH/Wenzhou/Aug/2016    
May 30, 2016

All Members
Council for Leather Exports

Dear Member,

Sub: Inviting Participation in the 21st China (Wenzhou) International Leather Fair, August 25-27, 2016

About the Chinese Market: China is an important market for leather and leather products. China’s import of leather & leather products increased from US$ 5585.70 million in 2010 to US $ 8530.41 million in 2014, growing at a CAGR of 8.84 %. China with its large Footwear and Leather Products Industry is also a big market for Leather, Components, Chemicals etc.

The 20th China (Wenzhou) Int’l Leather Fair took place successfully from August 27th to 29th at Wenzhou Int’l Convention & Exhibition Center.

Post Show Report of September 2015 Edition –
“The year 2015 was a historical timing for Wenzhou Int’l Leather Fair because it’s the 20 years’ anniversary. It’s really a hard time for Shoe & Leather industry as a result of bad economy. But the scale of Wenzhou Int’l Leather Fair still increased not only in the exhibition area but also in visitor numbers. Compared with last year, the overseas visitors increased 13% which shows the great international impact that Wenzhou Int’l Leather Fair has. This session, 627 exhibitors from Asia, Europe, and South America brought their latest products to show at the fair, which attracted 16,573 buyers from more than 55 countries and regions such as China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, HK, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Italy.”

Display Products
Leather, Shoe Material, Shoe Machinery, Synthetic leather and sewing Equipment Finished Leather Bags and Garment
Solvent-free synthetic leather, PU material, 3D printing equipment, environmental shoe material and etc.
Council’s participation in the 21st China (Wenzhou) Intl Leather Fair, August 25-27, 2016

Considering the huge market opportunities in China the Council is proposing to participate for the first time in the 21st China (Wenzhou) Intl Leather Fair, scheduled to be held in August 25-27, 2016.

The Council will organize an India Pavilion for Finished Leather, Components & Accessories in the 21st China (Wenzhou) Intl Leather Fair in Built-up Booths of Minimum Size of 9 . Larger booths, with size increasing in multiplies of 3 sq.Mt. i.e 12 sq.Mt, 15 sq.Mt, 18 Sq.Mt etc can be taken by members.

Participation Fee: The tentative Participation Cost is Rs. 1,35,000/- per 9 sq m booth. For every additional 3 sq.Mt Rs.45,000/- has to be paid additionally. The Council’s group participation in the Wenzhou fair is subject to enlistment of minimum 10 CLE member companies since the fair organizer has given rock bottom discount for Council’s group participation subject to enlistment of minimum of 10 CLE member companies.

Submission Of Application – Interested member-exporters are requested to send in their Application Form (Pro forma enclosed) along-with cheque /DD towards the adhoc participation charges as per the space requirement mentioned above. The cheque/DD should be in favour of Council for Leather Exports. This may be sent to the Council’s Head Office in Chennai or Regional Offices in Delhi, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Agra and Jalandhar before 15th June 2016 enabling the Council to confirm the space requirements for the CLE India Pavilion in the 21st China Wenzhou Leather, Shoe Materails & Machinery Fair, 25-27, August 2016 and to include the participating companies profile information in the official Fair Catalogue.

Exhibitors those who want to order Additional Accessories for their booth can order the same directly by fax: + 86 577 88901788 and settle the charges on or before July 20, 2016. List of additional accessories available for rent is enclosed. Additional Accessories ordered after the deadline or on-site will entail 30% surcharge. Delivery, installation, rental and dismantling are included in the quotation. Orders cancelled before move-in begins will be charged 50% of original price. Orders cancelled after move-in will be charged 100%

Members may kindly note that there is no MDA/MAI grant/funding support, for this Fair.

Members may also note that participants will have to arrange their Visa on their own. However, CLE will arrange the Invitation Letter from the fair organizer for two persons per company to facilitate obtaining of visas to participants. Kindly note that non-issuance of Visa will not be considered as a valid ground for withdrawal, subsequent to confirmation of participation. Hence, withdrawal from participation after confirmation will not be allowed.

With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,

R.Ramesh Kumar, IAS
Executive Director

Circular of Inviting Participation in the 21st China (Wenzhou) International Leather Fair, August 25-27, 2016 Application Form of Inviting Participation in the 21st China (Wenzhou) International Leather Fair, August 25-27, 2016