Inviting participation in the SPOGA Horse – Cologne, Germany, August 30-Sep ,2015 .

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No. CLE/EXH/Spoga/Sep/2015

February 27, 2015


All Members of the Council

Dear Member,
Sub: Inviting participation in the SPOGA Horse- Cologne, Germany, August 30-Sep , 2015

Dear Member,

“Germany is the second-largest global importer of Harness and Saddlery items, with its imports increasing sharply from US $ 110.25 million in 2008 to US $ 125.68 million in 2012. India’s export of Harness and Saddlery items to Germany has also been growing, from US$ 18.02 million in 2009 to US$ 30.31 million in 2013. With the aim of enhancing our market share in Germany and also to project our brand in this country, the Council is planning to organize the “Group Participation” of 35 member exporters in a total area of 420 in the September 2015 edition of Spoga Horse fair with support from the Market Access Initiative Scheme (MAIS) of the Govt of India.

Market for Indian Saddlery & Harness Products –The global imports of Saddlery & Harness had increased from US$ 1141.66 mn in 2008 to US $ 1224.95 mn in 2012, growing at a cumulative annual growth rate of 1.77%. India had a significant share of 2.47% in the global Saddlery & Harness trade during 2012.

Germany is the leading importer of Saddlery & Harness products from India, and further, eight of the top ten leading importing countries of Indian Saddlery & Harness items ie UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, are from the EU, with this region having a share of 76% in Indian Saddlery & Harness exports. “

The bi-annual Spoga Horse Autumn, Cologne, Germany is one of the most popular international trade events for equestrian products. SPOGA Horse, September Aug 31-Sep 2, 2014 edition had about 36,800 trade visitors from over 100 countries, with almost half the visitors coming from overseas. About 418 exhibitors used the Spoga Horse Spring edition, in Sep 2014 to present their new products and trends of the next season. The Visitors’ Survey confirmed the significance of the Spoga Horse Fair as an important trade platform with 95 per cent of the visitors stating they have a decisive influence on buying / procurement decisions; and almost 75 per cent of the respondents stating they were satisfied with what they had achieved by their visit to the Fair. About 86 per cent said they would certainly or probably recommend visiting the fair to a close business associate

Spoga Horse, Aug 30- Sep’1, 2015 – As per information from Koeln Messe GmbH, inquiries for space booking in the coming SPOGA Fair Aug 30-Sep 1, 2015 have commenced, and they have requested the Council to confirm booking of space in this fair at the earliest, as space is expected to fill-up quickly.

Participation Costs for CLE Members – In order to support member – exporters of Harness & Saddlery who are predominantly from the MSME sector to take part in this specialized fair for equestrian products in Europe, the Council had approached the Dept of Commerce to provide necessary funding support to organize member participation in Spoga Horse Fair, September 2014 edition under the Market Access Initiative Scheme (MAIS) for the second time. The Council’s proposal for facilitation of members’ participation in the Spoga Horse, September 2015 with funding under MAI scheme has been approved, subject to the participation of at least 35 member-companies in the CLE India Pavilion in the Spoga Horse, August 30- September 1, 2015. The subsidized Participation Charges for a 12 Sq m built up booth cost is about Rs.1,00,000/-. The 12 sq.Mt booth charges includes Space cost, 1 Round Table, 4 Chairs & Carpet and other Organizing Expenses including the Auma Fee, Garbage Charge (per Stand of 12 sq m) of Euro 50, Media Promotion Package, Visitor Promotion Package, and Services of CLE like Common Interpreter, Profile Booklet, Drinking Water, etc/

The participation charge includes Down Payment Euro 14.50 per for use of any accessories, utilities like Electricity, through online services made available to exhibitors, by the fair organizer. Excess expenditure if any, shall have to paid as per the actual charges incurred by the exhibitors to the fair organizer directly.

It may be noted that the MAI Guidelines stipulate that MAI assistance would be given for only up to 3 participations in a fair. Hence, members are urged to avail of this opportunity to take part in the SPOGA Horse Aug 30 – Sep’1 , 2015, at the subsidized cost of participation.

Regarding MAI Support, Members may also kindly note the following:

Support under MAI scheme is admissible only for a 12 sq mtr booth; to ensure equal availing of assistance under this scheme by all participants.

In case an additional booth is required by a company or companies from the same group, the same will be allotted at the actual cost based on payments made towards Space cost, Registration fee, other charges payable to the Fair organizer and other organizing expenses. (In other words participation cost will be without funding support from the MAI scheme).
Similarly, members wanting to have more than 12 sq mtr space will be required to pay for the additional space and accessories, etc which will be without funding support of the MAI scheme. The additional space cost alone Rs.50,000/- per 3 charges. The space can be enhanced in multiples of 3 sq.Mt. This will again be based on actual payments made.
As participation in this Fair is being organized with funding support under the MAI scheme, no assistance under MDA scheme will be available to individual exporters.

Interested members are requested to confirm their participation in the Sept. 20015 edition of the fair, by sending the duly filled Application Form (copy enclosed) along with the payment of the Participation Charges of Rs.1,00,000/- (including down payment charges)on or before March 18, 2015.

Members are requested to kindly extend their co-operation to the Council in booking space in a good location in September 2014 edition of SPOGA fair, by sending the Participation Fee along with the completed Application Form within the said deadline. It may be noted that participants will have to arrange the German Visa on their own. However, the Council will arrange for an Invitation Letter from the fair organizer to facilitate obtaining of visas by participants. Kindly note that non-issuance of Visa will not be considered as a valid ground for withdrawal subsequent to confirmation of participation. Hence, withdrawal from participation after confirmation will not be allowed.

Thanking you,
With Regards

R.Ramesh Kumar, IAS

Executive Director

Application Form