Leather Sourcing Delegation to Romania and Poland, August 03-07, 2015.

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No.07/MRU/Sourcing delegation/2015
June 02, 2015

All Members of the Council

Dear Members,

Sub: Leather Sourcing Delegation to Romania and Poland – August 03-07, 2015

As you are kindly aware, Romania and Poland are the traditional suppliers of Finished Leather to the world. The tanning capacity of Romania and Poland are huge. Romania processes about 4 – 10 tons/day in all bovine tanneries and about 3000 – 4000 pieces/day in all sheepskins tanneries and produces about 2 bn sq meters of finished leather per annum. Poland is one of the largest producers of meat and meat products in EU. Poland processes about 40-75 tonnes of hides per day.

The major leather products manufacturing countries like Italy, Turkey, etc import their raw material requirements from Romania and Poland. Thus Romania and Poland are the potential destinations for sourcing raw hides/skins, semi processed and finished leather.

We are happy that the Leather Industry in the recent past had achieved an all time high value of exports of US$ 6.6 bn. Considering the growth prospects of the leather industry and the envisaged export target of US$ 12 bn by 2019-20, there is an absolute need for the uninterrupted supply of raw materials to meet the production target and export target.

Hence, in order to make a survey of the existing market situation and to assess the potential for importing raw hides & skins and semi processed leathers (wet-blue, crust) and finished leather the Council propose to organize a visit for leather sourcing Delegation to Romania and Poland during August 03-07, 2015. The Tentative programme schedule is given below:

Date Programme

August 02, 2015 – Sunday Arrival – Bucharest, Romania
August 03, Monday Business Meetings / Tannery visits in Romania
August 04, Tuesday Business Meetings / Tannery visits in Romania
August 05, Wednesday Delegation departs to Warsaw, Poland
August 06, Thursday Business Meetings / Tannery visits in Poland
August 07, Friday Business Meetings / Tannery visits in Poland
August 8, Saturday Departure to India

The objective of the Leather Sourcing Delegation is to have the knowledge of leather market, holding business meetings with local suppliers of hides/skins, semi-processed leathers, inspect the quality of raw materials by making Tannery visits etc so as to establish business relationship and to explore possibilities of having joint ventures/technical collaborations with local Tanneries.

It may be mentioned here that as per the inputs provided by the Indian Missions, raw hides/skins and semi finished leather and finished leather can be imported from Romania and Poland without any duty.

The Council will organize & coordinate the entire programme in association with the Indian Missions in Romania and Poland combined with active participation of the Local Tanners Associations in these countries. Besides, the Council will arrange for Group airport pick-up / drop, local Transportation, Hiring of Venue for holding business meetings etc The participation fee for joining the sourcing delegation is Rs.30,000/- per company.

However, Members joining the Delegation will have to make their own travel arrangements such as air-ticket, Visa, hotel accommodation etc at their own cost. The name of the Hotel, as recommended by the Indian Embassy will be informed to the Member participants so that the entire Delegation can stay in the same Hotel for better coordination. Moreover, the Council shall issue Visa Recommendation Letter for individual participants besides obtaining from Indian Missions.

Members interested to join the Sourcing Mission may confirm their participation to the Council by sending their duly filled in company profile in the Format enclosed herewith along with participation fee. An advance intimation may be communicated through the e-mail id cle@cleindia.com so that necessary preliminary arrangements can be made.

With Regards,

R Ramesh Kumar
Executive Director

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