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No.CLE / ILDP / IDLS / 2012-13
15th May 2012

To: Members of the Council

Dear Sirs,

Sub : List of Machinery under IDLS Scheme – Additions / modifications – suggestions requested.

As you are aware, the Integrated Development of Leather Sector (IDLS) scheme is one of the sub-schemes under ILDP implemented by the Government of India under which the investment grant is provided for technology upgradation, modernization, capacity creation in all segments of the leather industry. The installation of different types of machinery in a unit by way of replacement of existing machinery and/or expansion or new purchases for setting up of new units etc has been given in the scheme guidelines as eligible for financial assistance under IDLS Scheme. The segment-wise machinery has been listed out in the Scheme Guidelines of XI Plan as under:

  • List of machinery for Tanneries – Annexure A
  • List of machinery for Footwear and components – Annexure B
  • List of machinery for Leather Garments – Annexure C
  • List of Machinery for Leather Goods – Annexure D
  • List of Machinery for Saddlery – Annexure E

The above Annexure are scanned and attach herewith for your ready reference.

In this background, it has been proposed to seek the inputs / suggestions of the industry for addition of machinery in particular segment or modification or change in technical specification etc, which needs to be considered for inclusion in the IDLS Scheme for the Twelfth Five Year Plan 2012-17.

The Council therefore would request the members to kindly provide their suggestions if any for adding new machinery in the above product-wise List of Machinery, or amendment proposed in the above existing list etc. The details requested are:

ParticularsIndustry Suggestion
Product Segment

Which product segment the machinery should be included i.e., whether tanneries,? Footwear, Footwear components, Leather Garments, Leather Goods, Saddlery etc.

Under which sub-section within the Particular List, the suggested machinery should appear
Name of the machinery to be newly included?
Technical Specifications

(Attach brochure in support of this, if available)
Functions of the machinery
Tentative - Domestic cost price inclusive of all taxes (if the machinery is available in India)
Tentative - Cost price + import duties + others = Landed cost of the machinery (if the machinery is to be imported)
Suggestions, if any, for modifying the description of existing machinery in the List

The above suggestions may be directly sent to CLRI (if it is pertaining to the tanneries) and to FDDI (if it is pertaining to the Leather Products), under copy to the CLE. The contact details of these organizations are given below:

OrganizationsTo the attention of:E mail IDs

(if the suggestion is for Tanneries)
Dr Sanjeev Gupta
Head, IDLS Scheme, CLRI

(if suggestion is for Leather Products)
Shri Manu Tentiwal,
Executive Director, FDDI
Copy to:
(for both tanneries & Leather Products)
Shri D Saalai Maraan
Executive Director, CLE

With warm regards,
Yours sincerely,

D Saalai Maraan
Executive Director, CLE