5th October 2012

To: All Members of the Council

Dear Member,

Sub: MDA Grant to Individual Exporters – Online MDA application

As you are aware, the CLE has been disbursing MDA Grant received from Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt of India to Member-Exporters of the CLE for their participation in International Fairs / BSMs organized by the CLE. We wish to hereby inform members, that the Council has started accepting electronic applications ( in soft copy, as against only Hard copy previously)
disbursement of MDA grant. The MDA claim form can be downloaded from CLE’s website

Member-Exporters may apply online by visiting CLE’s Website and clicking on the link “MDA Online” in the Home page.The User Manual for applying the MDA claim is also given in the CLE Website.

After receipt of the MDA Claim Form from Member-Exporters, the Council will scrutinize the application as per the MDA Guidelines and necessary approval will be sent along with the MDA Claim Form to the eligible Member-Exporters to claim MDA after they return from the Event. However, even though the duly filled-up MDA claim form is submitted through online, as a requirement, the hard copy of the MDA claim form along with necessary supporting documents should be sent to the Council by courier for payment.

Please note that the MDA Grant will be released to the Member-Exporters, only after receipt of hard copy of the MDA claim Form along with the supporting documents.

Member-Exporters are requested to make use of this online option while applying for MDA for their participation in International Fairs & BSMs under MDA Support, organized by the Council.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

D.Saalai Maraan
Executive Director.