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June 18, 2015

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Members of the Council,(Exporters of Leather Goods / Accessories)
Sub:108th MIPEL – The Bag Show, Milan , Italy , Sep 1-4, 2015.

We wish to inform members that, as per the new regulations for the subject MIPEL Fair,a process of pre-qualification of exhibitors on the basis of their Products & Company Profile, has been introduced in MIPEL Fair with effect from the September 2015 edition..

As per Rules, the following MANDATORY DOCUMENTATION is to be sent along with the Application Form and :

1) General Regulations duly singed:
2) Chamber of Commerce Registration Certificate
3) Profile of your company and its products
4) Italy and overseas advertising campaign and a description of promotion activities
5) Photographic catalogue or 8 photographs of your collection
6) Full list of names and e-mail address of your most important buyers
7) Relatives sheet of Booth Type that you’d choose
8) Business review if available

However the Council has taken up this issue with the MIPEL Fair Organizer and they have agreed to waive the submission of the documents regarding “Overseas advertising campaign and a description of promotion of activities” and “Email address of your most important buyers”.

MIPEL Fair organizers have however reiterated that it is mandatory to submit Product Photographs & Company Profile of all companies seeking to participate in MIPEL Fair, Sept’ 2015. A Jury including the Chairman & Managing Director of the Fair Organizing Company, will examine the same and inform if the company has qualified to participate.

We also wish to inform that the AIMPES fair organizer has reduced the fair area and brought all the exhibitors into Hall No 10.

Interested member companies may send the application with Company Profile and Photographic catalogue or 8 photographs of your collection to AIMPES- through the following email ID: Sabrina Silipo – Aimpes/Mipel under copy to segreteriatecnica@mipel.it & cle@cleindia.com immediately. Only limited space is available in the Fair, according to the Organziers and allocation of space after selection will be made on first come first serve basis. Interested member-companies may immediately rush Application Form with Product Photograph and Company Profile Immediately please.
Interested member exporters can download the application along with the new regulation from the following weblink http://www.mipel.com/mipel_documents/domanda_en.pdf

Members may please note that subject to 10 member-companies qualifying to participate, CLE will organize Group Participation of member-companies in a CLE India Pavilion under MDA Funding support.

Thanking you,
With Regards

Sunanda Santappa
Assistant Director –Fairs