Participation in MICAM – The Shoe Event, Milano, Italy (September 15-18, 2019), under MAI assistance of 2019-20

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No.CLE/IMD-F/MICAM-Sep./2019                                                  20th June, 2019


The Members of CLE

Dear Members,

Participation in MICAM – The Shoe Event, Milano, Italy (September 15-18, 2019), under MAI assistance of 2019-20

We wish to inform that CLE has last time organized participation of members in the MICAM – The Shoe Event, Milan, Italy in the September, 2014 edition of the Show. After a gap of four years, CLE is organizing group participation of members in the September, 2019 edition of the Show, with the funding support of Government of India under MAI Scheme.

Since last Two months, we were in contact with the Organizers of MICAM for getting an area of approx 300 sq. mtrs in the fair, however, as a matter of Policy, the Organizers informed that they will first allot space to the companies those who participated in the last edition of the Show, and then, subject to space availability, they will consider our request. Accordingly, after our continuous follow-up, fair organizer has finally allotted an area of approx 200 space in Hall No. 6, for CLE’s participation. The Organizer has categorically informed that they will hold the space for CLE until 3rd July, 2019 only and thereafter, the space will be released if CLE could not book the space, by depositing the space rental.

Keeping in view the above, companies those who are interested to participate in the MICAM – The Shoe Event, Milano, Italy to be held during September 15-18, 2019 are requested to confirm their participation latest by Tuesday, the 2nd July, 2019 by depositing applicable participation fee in full (as per details given below) to the nearest Regional/Extension Offices of CLE or directly to CLE’s bank account.

Participation Fee (Subsidized):

The Council is charging a subsidized participation fee of Rs 63,000/- (rupees Sixty three thousand only) per participating company.  Each company will be provided with a standard 9 size booth with the following display accessories.

Standard Display accessories package:

9 sqm booth standard fitting:-
–      Fascia board with exhibitor’s company name (1 fascia for 1 side open booths & 2 fascia for 2 side open booths)
–      Carpeted floor
–      Three-side wall panels (2 side for Two side open booths)
–      18 wooden shelves (100 x 30)
–      4 LED spot lights
–      1 waste bin
–      1 Table + 3 Chairs
–      1 Reception desk + 1 stool
–      1 multiple socket
–      2 bottles of water for each exhibitor, during the fair days

Any additional accessories required will be charged separately.

Un-Subsidized Participation Fee

As per MAI guidelines, Members who have completed/applied for participation in any two MAI events during 2019-20 (April-March) and/or completed 3 times participation in the MICAM – The Shoe Event are not covered under Subsidized Rate and have to remit an un-subsidized fee of Rs 2,73,825/- as participation fee, for a 9 sqm stand.

    About the Market

Italy is the 5th largest importer of Footwear in the world.  The import of Footwear (leather & non-leather) by Italy has increased from US$ 5526 million in 2013-14 to US$ 6098 million in 2017-18.   India’s export of footwear to Italy during 2017-18 was USD 130 million.

Considering the import potential of footwear and footwear components of Italy, Council is organizing participation in the September, 2019 edition of the MICAM-The Shoe Event.

About the Fair

MICAM, the leading international exhibition in the footwear sector, promoted by Assocalzaturifici , is a unique event of its kind with over 2000 footwear collections, each edition successfully merging business and fashion.  The event takes place in Milan twice a year, in February and September, at the Fiera Milano Rho fairgrounds, presenting the following Fall / Winter and Spring / Summer collections respectively.
The fair occupies an exhibition area of ​​approximately 63,000 square metersand hosts about 1,400 exhibitors for each edition, of which more than 600 are international , coming from 30 different countries. MICAM is the reference point for footwear industry operators from all over the world.  Given the 45,000 certified visitors per edition, half of which from around 130 foreign countries, MICAM confirms its role as a privileged stage for the promotion of new collections and, at the same time, a decisive business moment for starting contacts concrete business.

MAI Air Fare Reimbursement

Members who are eligible to participate at the MAIS-Subsidized Participation Fee are eligible to claim Airfare Reimbursement subject to the Airfare Funding Approval by the Government for 2019-20 and compliance of the following Conditions:-

a. 14 Days Advance notice- excluding date of travel & receipt of application date.
b. FOB Value in the preceding year between Rs 3 lakhs to  Rs.30 Crores
c. Completed 12 months of membership
d. Person attending the fair – Regular Director / Partner / Proprietor
e. Restricted to Three times grant received under MDA/MAIS       
f. Claims with Original Boarding Pass

The MAIS Intimation Application is enclosed herewith, which should be received by the Council by giving minimum 14 days Advance Notice excluding Date of Receipt of Application in the Council and Date of Departure from the country.  The same will be considered subject to the Airfare Funding Approval by the Government for 2019-20 and compliance of the above Six Conditions.

The Organizers of MICAM – The Shoe Event has allotted an area of approx 200 sq.mtrs only to CLE and booth allotment will be on ‘First Come First Served’ basis.

With regards,
R Selvam, IAS
Executive Director
Council for Leather Exports

Application Form | Airfare Intimation Form