Revised Circular Inclusion of Air Fare Reimbursement – Fashion World Tokyo, Japan OCT 11-13 2017

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No:CLE/EXH/FW-Tokyo/2017-18                          August 21, 2017


All Members

Council for Leather Exports        (Amended Circular)

Dear Members

Sub: Reimbursement of Air  -Revised Circular on Fashion World Tokyo Fair, October 11-13, 2017 Tokyo-Japan, for Footwear, Leather Goods & Garments.

Update About the Japanese Market: India’s export of leather & leather products to Japan has been increasing in recent years and touched US $ 63.97 million in 2016-17. However, Japan’s total import of leather & leather products was about US $ 7986.77 Million during 2016; Footwear being the major item with imports at about US $ 5160.58 2016  However, India’s export of Footwear to Japan was only US $ 36.79 Million in 2016-17.  Similarly, although the import of Leather Goods into Japan was US$ 2259.10 Million (2016), India’s export of Leather Goods to Japan was only US$ 18.07 million (2016-17). Hence there exists considerable opportunities to further increase India’s export of Footwear and Leather products to Japan.

As Members may be kindly aware the Japanese economy is reported to be recovering very strongly. Further, with the signing of the Indo-Japan Preferential Trade Agreement import duties for certain categories of Leather Products & Footwear will be reduced; and member exports may take advantage of this more favorable situation to make inroads into the Japanese market. Fashion World Tokyo is the best platform to expand your business in Japan.

As Japan’s largest trade for fashion industry, FASHION WORLD TOKYO attracts 28000 visitors in April and 30,000 visitors in October 2017. It is the ideal platform to find reliable distributors/agents in Japan and take orders from a great variety of retailers

Date & Venue: October 11-13, 2017 Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake Bay, Tokyo

Exhibition Outline

Exhibitor ProfileBusiness MeetingsVisitor Profile
Women’s wear
Women;s Bags
Women’s shoes
Women’s Accessories
Men’s Fashion Wear
Men’s fashion Accessories
OEM/Sourcing etc
Find Distributors/Agents
Take Orders
Design consultation
Price Negotiation
Department Store
Fashion Store
Specciality Boutique
Mass Retailers
Online Store
Gift Shops

In the last edition of the Fashion world Tokyo, November 2016 there were exhibitors from 37 countries from Italy, Portugal, brazil, Mexico, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Russia, Malasiya, Republic of Trinidad and tobogo, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia Mongolia, spain, German, India, Canada Denmark, Taiwan, Finland etc

B2B Meetings: As per the fair organizer they will also arrange B2B meetings during the Fair Days for Exhibiting Companies

Council’s Participation: Considering the potential market for Leather Footwear, Bags,Leather goods and Leather Garments in Japan, the Council proposes to organize participation of member-exporters in Fashion World Tokyo 2017 scheduled during October 11-13, 2017. The Council has planned to participate in this important and specialized fair in Japan under MAI Funding followed by last year participation in the Fashion World Tokyo November 2016 under MAIS Scheme.

Tentative Participation Fee: Tentative participation cost is Rs. 3,90,000 for a 8.1 Sq.Mt Built-Up Booth and after considering MAI subsidy of Rs.1,50,000/- the Cost of Participation is fixed at Rs.2,40,000/- The final Participation Cost will be worked out after the event. Built-Up booth includes Rear & Side Wall, Carpet, Fascia, Hologen lights, 1 Electrical Socket, power supply to 1 KW, 1 Table and 4 Chairs, 12               Shelves OR hangers Rack with Fixed Hanger Rod.

For every additional 8.1 sq mt built-up booth the additional cost will be Rs.3,60,000/-. i.e., for 16.2 sq mt built-up booth the Cost will be Rs. 6,00,000/-.( Subsidized cost for 8.1 sq mt @ Rs.240000 plus cost of 8.1 sq mt @ Rs,360000)


Reimbursement of Economy Excursion class air fare

Members participating in this fair (whose Export Turnover during 2016-17 is more than Rs 3 lakhs and less than Rs.30 Crores) can claim  Air Fare reimbursement on economy excursion class by the shortest route subject to fulfillment of other MDA Eligibility Criteria as per MDA Norms.  MDA Intimation Application should be received by the Council by giving minimum 14 days Advance Notice excluding date of receipt of application in the Council and date of departure from the country.

Hence, member exporters are requested to avail the opportunity and take part in Fashion Word Tokyo October 11-13, 2017.                 Please send the duly filled in Application Form along with the Participation Fee of Rs.2,40,000/- by Cheque/DD drawn in favour of Council for Leather Exports. This may be sent to either Council’s Head Office in Chennai or Regional Offices at Delhi, Kanpur, Mumbai, Kolkata & Agra on or before August 24, 2017.

 Please also note participants will have to arrange the Visa on their own. However, CLE will arrange for the invitation letter from the fair organizer to facilitate obtaining of visas by participants. Kindly note that non-issuance of Visa will not be considered as a valid ground for withdrawal subsequent to confirmation of participation. Hence, withdrawal from participation after confirmation will not be allowed.

Important Note: Members may please note that a maximum of 40 members can be enlisted at the Subsidized Participation Fee. Space at the subsidized Fee will be allotted on First Come First Served basis as per receipt of full participation Fee by the Council from the interested members.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

R.Ramesh Kumar, IAS

Executive Director


Documents required for submission to get the Air Fare Reimbursement

1. Prescribed claim form duly completed and properly authenticated
2. Self-certified copy of Export / Trading House Certificate, if applicable
3. Self-certified copy of SSI registration certificate issued by the concerned Director of Industries, if applicable.
4. First Page Passport copy of the person who attended the Fair / Exhibition
5. Legible photocopy of passport highlighting the entries about departure from and arrival in India and also the countries visited.  In case passport does not have arrival/departure dates regarding visits to various countries, some documentary evidence such as Hotel Bills, Boarding pass, Lodging pass etc.
6. Original Air ticket / e-ticket /Jacket with Boarding passes used during the journey.  If  Air ticket / e- ticket / jacket  & Boarding passes are lost, legible photocopy of the same along with a certificate from the  Airline may be sent
7. Self-certified FOB value export figures during the last three financial years, year wise
8. Self certified copies of CLE receipt(s), bank advice etc. evidencing payment made   towards stall charges, water & electricity (for fair / exhibition only)
9. Details of past activities for same event
10. Brief report on the activity undertaken and achievements
11. Chartered Accountant Certificate
12. Copy of the Membership Certificate of CLE
13. Copy of the Monthly Export return submitted to the Council in the preceding month.