No. CLE/EXH/MICAM-Feb/2016 October 8, 2015


All Members of the Council,(Footwear Components)
Sub:Invitation to Participate in MICAM – The Shoe Event, Milan-Italy, February 14-17, 2016.

Dear Members,

The Council has been regularly organizing participation of member-exporters in MICAM -The Shoe Event held at Milan twice a year. Being a Premier Global footwear fair in Italy for mid, top and luxury footwear, the Council’s participation in the past several editions has yielded positive results for our member participants. In continuation to our participation in MICAM – The Shoe Event Sep’ 2014 edition, the Council now proposes to organize participation in the February 2016 edition of the MICAM – The Shoe Event scheduled from February 14-17, 2016, subject to allocation of space by the Fair Organizer.

EU & Italian Market for Footwear :
The European Union is a major market for Footwear, having a share of about 43% in global footwear import trade of US$ 110.08 bn. India’s export of footwear to the European Union has touched US$ 1418.81 million in 2013-14 , accounting for a share of close to 5.37 % in the EU’s total footwear imports. Italy is the fifth largest global importer of Footwear at US$ 4091.43 Mn, and has a global share of 3.71 %. India’s export of Footwear to Italy has touched US $ 168.58 million in 2013-14 and Indian Footwear has a share of 5.21 % in Italy’s total footwear imports. Hence the Italian and EU markets are of significant importance for Indian footwear exporters and it is important to participate in major well-attended fairs like MICAM. Considering the importance of the MICAM Fair, the Council Proposes to organize group participation of Member exporters in a CLE India Pavilion, in the coming February 2016edition.

Post Show Report of Sep’ 15 Edition :
Nearly 30,801 visitors attended the event, including 16480 from abroad and.1,443 exhibitors (602 overseas) crowded 64,175 meters of net display space in the halls of Fiera Milano Rho with their Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The number of visitors from the Far East, Middle East, United States and Europe remained steady, apart from France, while there was a considerable drop in numbers of buyers from Russia, expected in view of the collapse of the rouble and sanctions in effect, from Japan and above all from Italy, perhaps due to the crisis of the domestic market. “Though the event definitely felt the effects of the International Crisis, it continues to be a global landmark”, reports the MICAM Chair Annarita Pilotti..

As per information received by CLE from the MICAM Fair organizers:
Participation Response from the September 2015 edition participants is very encouraging, and they are getting reconfirmations from the majority of previous participants. However, the fair organizer has informed that although space in all the Halls is expected to be booked; considering the Council’s request for our Group Participation and our previous participations in the Fair, the Micam fair organizer informed that they will put the CLE under wait list and will allot space subject to availability of the same.The deadline for space confirmation & inclusion in the hard copy catalog for February 2016 edition is October 30, 2015

Council is required to inform our firm requirement of space in the Fair, so that the Fair organizer can consider allocating space for the CLE India Pavilion and so that participants can meet the Catalog Entry deadline.

In this back drop, we request our member-exporters for early confirmation of their participation in the February 2016 edition of MICAM Shoe Event.

The minimum space to be booked is 12 sq mtrs and there after in multiples of 4 sq mtrs i.e. 16 sq m, 20 sq m and upto 24 sq m. The Participation Charges will be Rs. 2,70,000/- for the minimum-size booth of 12 Sq Mtrs. For every additional 4 sq mtrs of space, the contribution amount payable will be Rs. 80,000/-for 4 Sq Mts. The cheque/DD is to be drawn in favour of “Council for Leather Exports”.

Assistance to exporters under MDA Scheme : (Revised by DOC)
The Council has included theMICAM Shoe Event in the CLE’s MDA Annual Action Plan 2015-16 and submitted to the Department of Commerce, approval for which has been received. Members participating in this fair (whose Export Turnover during 2014-15 is more than Rs. 3 lakhs and less than Rs. 30 Crores) will be eligible to claim MDA Grant of a maximum of Rs. 2,00,000/- on Stand Charges and Air Fare (Economy Excursion Class by the shortest route) subject to fulfillment of other MDA eligibility criteria as per MDA norms. For detailed MDA Guidelines, members may refer the MDA section in the website of the Council . MDA intimation application should be received by the Council by giving minimum 14 days advance notice excluding date of receipt of application in the Council and date of departure from the Country.

Member-exporters may please note all the above, and send their Application Form along with estimated Participation Charges of Rs. 2,70,000/- for a 12 sq m booth to the Council’s Head Office or Regional Offices on or before October 30, 2015.

Please note that Participants will have to arrange the Italian Visa on their own. However, CLE will arrange for the Invitation Letter from the fair organizer to facilitate obtaining of visa by participants. Kindly note that non-issuance of visa will not be considered as a valid ground for withdrawal subsequent to confirmation of participation. Hence, withdrawal from participation after confirmation will not be allowed.

Thanking you,
With Regards

R.Ramesh Kumar, IAS
Executive Director.

Circular Form of The Shoe Event,Milan-Italy | Application of The Shoe Event,Milan-Italy