Visit of Leather Industry Delegation to Egypt (June 21-23,2020)

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18th November, 2019



The Members of CLE

Dear Members,

Sub:- Visit of Leather Industry Delegation to Egypt (June 21-23,2020)

The quality of the Egyptian Raw Hides ranks the 7th in the world. As per trade data published by Ministry of Trade & Industry, Government of Egypt, Tanneries in Egypt export to top International Luxury Brands for Fashion and Leather Products such as Gucci, Burberry, Clarks and Louis Vuitton through agents.   Less than 5% of the tanneries in Egypt represents the export to international markets. According to a latest study conducted by the Chamber of Leather Industries in Egypt, investments in the leather sector amount to about 5 billion EGP (Egyptian Pound). The leather industry employs more than 250,000 workers.   More than 95% of the tanneries in Egypt are located in an area downtown Cairo called “Magra El Oyoun”.             The ‘Robbiki Leather City’ is the first Industrial Zone in Egypt that specializes in leather tanning and leather products manufacturing established for the development of the Leather Sector in Egypt and to increase its competitiveness in the international markets.

In the above backdrop, Council for Leather Exports would propose visit of an Indian Delegation from Leather Industry to Egypt during June 21-23, 2020 (coinciding with the Pan African Leather Fair (PALF), Cairo, Egypt, for the following purpose:-

  • To help our members to source Buffalo and Cow Crust from Egypt at very reasonable price.
  • Will give the participants an insight into a fully integrated Leather Cluster having Tanneries, Shoe & Leather Goods Factories, and effective waste water management.
  • Visit to Pan African Leather Fair and to the Mega Leather Cluster at Roubbikki City.
  • Visit to Tanneries & Shoe manufacturing units.

In this regard, members are requested to please send their ‘Expression of Interest’ (in the attached format) to join the Delegation so that CLE can take further course of action accordingly. It may please be noted that CLE is planning to organize visit of the Delegation on ‘self financing’ basis hence expenses on account of travel and stay etc., have to be borne by the Delegates themselves.

Please send the ‘Expression of Interest’ (in the format attached) to CLE on or before 13th December, 2019.

With best regards,
R. Selvam, IAS
Executive Director
Council for Leather Exports

Application Form