Duty free Import scheme for Leather Garment exporters

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Dec 6, 2004

All members of the Council
(Manufacturer-exporters of Leather Garments)

Dear Members,

Sub: Duty free import scheme for Leather Garment Exporters

We draw your attention to Council Circular No.14/005/176/2004 dated 18.10.2004 regarding duty free scheme available to manufacturer-exporters of leather garments.

In the said circular, it was informed to the members about the decision taken by the Committee of Administration of the Council for restoring the 3% duty free entitlement instead of 5% notified for leather garment exporters vide Customs Notification No.89/2004-Cus dated 10.09.204 and also about the representation submitted to Director General of Foreign Trade and Department of Revenue.

We would now like to inform that the Department of Revenue has issued Customs Notification No.112/2004 dated Nov 19, 2004 restoring the 3% duty free entitlement for manufacturer-exporters of leather garments. A copy of the said Customs Notification is appended below wherein condition No.21 has been amended which pertains to duty free scheme for leather garments. This is for your information and necessary reference.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

K Abdul Sattar Khan
Asst Director